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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Makeup

    I have luck with physicians formula. Also, kids makeup, made in USA, certified gluten free, at Walmart no less. 90% sale after xmas. I buy all I need for the year.
  2. I am working on this myself. It is almost impossible but it can be done. Apparently most salt is NO iodine in stuff you buy. But sea salt isn't. I bleed so bad it scares me. I thought I was dying the first time my leg bled it was running into the toilet I was scared to death. The Derm was like....Oh it happens..>WHAT?
  3. Help For The Itching, Stinging, Burning, Pain Of Dh

    yah Lidex did nothing for me. That is the Floucininide. Super potent steroids did nada. I got stretch marks now le sigh. No relief but my rash went crazy when I stopped using them and I tapered off too.
  4. Help For The Itching, Stinging, Burning, Pain Of Dh

    I can get Aloe spears longer than my arm all year round for .99 cents a pop. I was using them before but it didn't seem to help. I might try again and put them in the fridge to cool me off. Thanks for the reminder I am having a bad night. And to the scratch to the root. Well it works for me on some of them. I mean dig past the blood and they weep clear fluid and keep digging and then it healed. Happened on a few spots but I am covered head to toe. So one or two healed blisters is not a win to me.
  5. Night Time The Worst

    I am also menopausal/post menopausal dec 28th marks my 3yr surgery date of my hyster/rso. What I thought were Menopausal symptoms may be low Iron. Some of the temperature issues and flashes can be my low Iron. So I cannot honestly make any sense out of it only to say when the sun goes down the monster wakes up.
  6. I am also one that lost much of her enamel. The Dentist told me my GI doc was a nut case he could tell I had Celiac just by my enamel. I had no cavities ever until I got two. Still good teeth but my enamel is shot and to him that was the big clue. I have icky stains but they are harmless just ugly. The baking soda works good and contrary to belief it isn't going to destroy your enamel it is actually helping me. As the toothpaste kept my mouth contaminated constantly. I also do not have DH in or around my mouth.
  7. I am plying him with video games and lots of alone boyz time. I know what that is like. When he has had enough and needs to decompress I am alone emotionally, no boxer in my corner and I see what a person with no support system has to fight with and I feel blessed when he helps again. Sadly, my illnesses gave him a stress ulcer. He HAS to take time away or he will worry himself sick. I make him do it. But I feel the loss....but he needs his time or he will go crazy. Marriage is about compromise we may not communicate perfectly but we do compromise.....It also helps we have been together 13 yrs, we know each other, we picked the right mate.
  8. The best thing is NO plaque on my tongue bar. See before we did that no amount of brushing kept my tongue bar clean. I had to remove the piercing and soak it. Now when I clean the steel it doesn't look like it has a tarter problem. Also no more fuzzy teeth. Who knew just cleaning your tongue would do all that. I still am not sure what to say I am having this weird no scratch but my hands are weeping thing kinda distracted. I think they are healing for real. Lots of things seem to be changing just by stopping dairy so much not even totally dairy free yet....I also don't want to break another doctor in...I have to steel my nerves to start down this road ...again. I will pay it forward.....in any way I can....
  9. Ok I do typically use EVO, Blue Mountain, and Wellness brands for our Cats so I was using grain free cat foods, but Iams is kinda crap so no more of that. thanks for the doctor thread I am not sure what I want to say yet. Gonna think on that. Thank you again. You are a the biggest blessing to me, thank you. Ditto on the messy tooth brushing...we use a tongue cleaner too...I could not imagine doing that in bed lol.
  10. I learned this three years ago....again my own mother purposely sabotages me. My husband called her down and that was the last time I saw her. She wanted me to eat cake, it was my birthday....after all. Hubs went bat s$#& and she was like I'm her Mom and he was like and I've been at her bedside for the last decade where have you been? Friends or supposed friends have lied to me and I've gotten glutened from food they swore was safe. Yah I know about the mind games ppl play with you. People are terrified food can do this it kinda makes them insane and they do terrible things. No worries. I've lived through this I can heal this too.
  11. I found out Remonds Real Salt NO iodine, it says right on the bag that legal disclaimer. "This salt does not supply Iodine a necessary blah blah blah" So it's safe.
  12. RE: Vaseline Nursery Jelly is what we found and it had a scent, that made me sick to my stomach. The doctor said Aquaphor and wanted me to bathe in it but it's $16 for a 1lb tub that will last a few days. So I am using Aquaphor on the obviously crusted parts. The Doctor gave me sample tubes. Hubs is using it on my back. I am also using Eucerin intensive repair(sticky and glopy but good for my elbows) and Ecuercin intensive repair hand creme(AWESOME STUFF) and Cetaphil (thin good for spreading on my legs) everyday lotion for the back of my legs everytime I use the bathroom. Plus my mixture with Menthol in it.(cooling uses moisturel as a base) I got all these lotions for 1/2 price plus I had more coupons so the big bottles of Eucerin cost me $3.00 a piece. The BIG Cetaphil 6 bucks. From what I gather Aquaphor is just expensive Vaseline and I will look into just plain Vaseline with NO scent. It didn't seem to work but then again the first time we used Aquaphor it didn't work now it's helping my back. So it's worth a shot since the expense is so much less. I am going to the store once I can tolerate a shower so I'll give it a shot today. I have BAD crusting on my feet so I want to try Vaseline under my socks but I almost fell on my arse last night in the rain. I was slipping around in my shoes so bad from using Aquaphor lol. Thanks again.
  13. Prednisone Advice/experiences?

    I feel for you and your son and wonder why he was in pain? They shot me full of lidocaine. I was numb in the area until midnight each time. I felt nothing. I am so sorry you went through this with your son. I will tell you it may be rare but I have my baby records and I was 1 month and five days old when I got DH on my bottom from barley. I am on Dapsone and cannot take pred. I cannot keep it down. I wish you luck and healing for you and your son.
  14. just saw this going to bookmark them thank you.
  15. I didn't understand I guess what I was reading on the thyca? site. I still suffer from the brain fog. Not been clean too long. I get the iodine thing now. I didn't before. I found a nondairy, certified gluten free, creamer I seem to be ok with. Morning ritual preserved and no GERD issues. Time will tell on the CC part. I haven't had BSM in over a week and will steer clear of it. Hubbs just rewashed all pots and pans and everything to make sure the DAWN was gone and no trace ick left over on them. He does brush his teeth. I am sorry we brush our teeth in the shower, so taking a shower includes that. I know it's weird it's just a habit we have. We use ONLY peroxide and baking soda. NO toothpaste too many CC ingredients in there. I chose to do my own thing and not go to the bar which was good they had all manner of gluten there in the form of free food. I do not touch the cat's food and am not sure what we have this time it might be IAMS kitten which is kinda crappy I think. Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats and need the extra nutrition if they do not get alot of kills. I have no overweight sick cats, the two with epilepsy were born that way. I will look into a new brand. I took the vit-c pills out of my vitamin organizer. The rest are all certified clean. They do not use litter boxes much but I use feline pine and was told it was safe. It needs changing about four times a year and hubs does it. Now their cat treats are probably bad I haven't checked, but I want to ween them off that junk anyhow it's like crack for cats. As I have limited brain power I have not investigated most of this site to find doctors or post about it but will now that I know it's possible. Again thank you. The Doctor sure as bleep didn't know anything about this.