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  1. My son has been screened twice for celiac disease, and both times the results have come back as negative. He has all the signs and symptoms of celiac: Severe Fatigue ( iron levels tested low on blood testl) Nauseous after eating Severe abdominal cramping and bloating Passing gas Bruising (his pt levels blood test came back as high) He is so small in comparison to his peers, and way smaller than his brother was at this age Lactose Intolerance test are positive Frequent infections every 4-6 weeks (mostly sinus) Constipation (at times he has the opposite and can hardly make it to the washroom on time) Funny rash on knees and now once at ankle (Red bumps and blisters - very itchy before new one comes out) He has severe asthma and is taking a fairly high dose of corticosteroid for his age twice a day. He is also taking a steroid nasal spray. I am wondering if the steroids can have anything to do with the negative blood results we are getting?