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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. There is heaps of everyday fresh food you can eat. Have you joined the coeliac society in your state. You get a discount card for coles. Also meetings, magazines and support and they offer supermarket tours and courses in label reading. There's plenty of food to eat. It just takes time an patience to find it. Buy a rice cooker for quick filling meal starter. Get a bread machine and fing a good bread mix. I buy in bulk from basic ingredients in brisbane. You can get reasonably priced gluten-free ready meals from Easy Meals via the web delivered. Just heat and serve with rice. Also why buy kettle chips. Smiths plain are also gluten-free and half the price. Buy prepared salad leaves, a tin of tuna(flavoured ok if you check label) add some tomato an maybe tinned beans, corn, beet root or other verges and you have healthy salad. It's easy. Low carb is the easiest way to eat gluten-free.
  2. Not sure if you would like a cold dessert but this is what we always have at my house in Australia. Soften some vanila icecream and then stir through whatever you like. My favourite is gluten-free marshmallows, gluten-free turkish delight (or any other jellies or sweets or even a choc bar), choc chips, raspberries and pistachio nuts. Then just refreeze in a nice mould. You can decorate with melted choc or any way you want. Use whatever sweets, crushed cookies, nuts etc that you llike. Always good.
  3. Take some delicious gluten free treats and stash them in the freezer at work. Cupcakes or mini tarts are good. Then you can join in at such occasions. I take mini caramel tarts and often get asked by others where I got it when they see me eating it. If it's a bring a plate thing then take something you can eat and then there will be at least something on the table suitable for you. I must be lucky to have thoughtful co-workers. They understand me now and often keep the ingredient list of things out so I can read it and check.