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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had the same problem. I took osteo biflex for about a month and noticed a difference. Maybe it would help. It's an OTC supplement. Good luck.
  2. It's awesome when someone offers me food or beverage that I really want nothing to do with. "Oh, yeah, I have Celiacs Disease - seriously - can't have that - its just bad news!
  3. Hi - This happened to me as well. Here are some thoughts to ponder that may help... 1. Make sure you are making an extra effort to stay hydrated. I don't mean drink gallons at a time but make sure you get adequate water. 2. Eat bananas. Make fruit smoothies at your house and drink those once and awhile as a change up. 3. Consider taking some Osteo-Biflex - discuss it with your physician - it's OTC and helps me considerably. 4. Work out but not to the extent of injury or extreme pain but push yourself a little more every day. 5. Make sure you are eating enough calories to support the calories you will burn by being active. Post diagnosis I had bone/joint/muscle pain. I was quite alarmed. Over time it has mostly gone away. It took several months to a year for it to work its way out but it did. I have had the cramps at night in my muscles the pains that can only be described as bone, etc. I am slightly osteopeanic and have been gluten-free for 2 years now. I have celiac disease as well. Diagnosed at Mayo.
  4. It takes 1/8 of 1 teaspoon to create a chemical response in your body to Gluten whether you feel that effect or not--it's there. I have seen research (although I can't cite it, sorry) that said eating (1) cheat meal per month increases the mortality of someone with celiac disease by 600% in long term studies. It seems like I found these stats on a .gov site. The point is this, don't be lax or cheat if you are Celiac. Ever. Ever. Ever.
  5. I cannot disagree with the logic behind going ahead and running both panels just to be safe. Good idea.
  6. A biopsy is really your call. I will tell you that they used a different celiac panel for me because I am IGA absent. I have no IGA whatsoever. Your child is only 1 point out of normal range. The IgA marker is surely adequate. Perhaps adopt a holding pattern for now and do follow up labs in 6 months? You have elminated egg, lactose, and gluten. You could always reintroduce them one at a time and measure the result. Once you hit the culprit of constipation--there you go. You have your answer, then you can pursue the corresponding diagnosis as you feel appropriate for your circumstance. Just an opinion. I am not a healthcare provider. Good luck!
  7. It has. It made me acutely aware of my mortality. So, instead of working the same job that I didn't care for just so I could get a nice check--I left it. I went to a place that I belong and fortunately, the people embrace me regardless of my dietary needs. I promise you this, I will call out anyone that tries to deny me a meeting/networking opportunity because I won't be sticking my hand in the bread basket. Psssssh. I would tell that coworker that I'm not contagious--I just eat meat, veggies, fruit, and flour alternatives. Deal with it. As for traveling with work, I will be packing a bag for me with room for gluten-free dried snacks to get me by the parts of my trip where options for me aren't available. It seems like a tall order but it usually has a way of working out.
  8. Put a moratorium on health related questions and talk. (if possible) Then, busy yourself. (to the extent possible) For me, the busier I am, the less I think about negative things. The less I notice aches. The less I question every quirk in my body. It doesn't magically fix things but it sure does seem to help. I know that sounds so easy but I understand that its not. When the DH kicks in, you're reminded of it every time you get out of the shower. I get spots all over my body during/after a shower. I started putting on lotion BEFORE getting in. Over the last two months it has cleared to the extent that I can take a few showers without lotion and not notice the spots. Maybe that will help you too? I don't know. Call up some friends you haven't talked to in awhile. Go to a restaraunt you deem safe. Force yourself to break out of your routine however that may be. I put 10,000 miles on a motorcycle last year. Why? I didn't stress about my uncontrollables. I was too busy leaning in curves, watching out for cars and potholes, etc. Find something that when you do it, you're immersed and not reminded. I hope you get relief of your stress. I spent a full year being miserable. Pull yourself up! :-)
  9. You're in the right place! This place has provided peace of mind many a time. Post any time!
  10. No. 1/8 of one teaspoon creates a reaction in our bodies even if we don't feel it per se.
  11. Yes, you should see your doctor and request the blood tests for Celiac that bartful mentioned above. I had benign lesions and elevated enzymes for my liver. The enzymes returned to normalcy on a gluten free diet. The joint pain, the liver enzymes, the anxiety/depression, its definitely worth checking into celiac disease. Good luck.
  12. Welcome to the forum. If you are reacting to rare gluten consumption as you stated, you need to never consume it again. Ever. There is research out there that makes gluten to a celiac look like poison to a normal person. Congrats on your determination and open-mindedness to listen/learn/apply what you figured out. Right on!
  13. Welcome to the board! Ask ANYTHING. I sure do. How you feel is completely normal. It took me months to finally convince myself that everything is going to be fine. You'll get there. It takes time to adjust but you will. Eventually, your dietary requirements will seem less like an extra effort and more like a normal way of life. Promise.
  14. That's intense! I assume you are on blood thinners now, yes? Make sure you are getting plenty of water. Some blood thinners require you to drastically lessen your consumption of leafy green veggies... You might check on that. Maybe go light on the caffeine if you are a partaker. I would obviously shy away from alcohol if you are a partaker as well. I am shooting from the hip as I really don't know all that much about your circumstance but those are a few things that come to mind when you mention clots and nerves. Did they give you any kind of indication as to when you can start doing some brisk walking?
  15. Tell your husband it is the equivalent of getting the worst possible cramp from eating a 12 ounce steak with sides, washing it down with a bottle of beer and then going for a brisk run immediately following. Its sharp, it lingers, and the worst problem is, you're not running on a steak--you were merely cross contaminated!!! It's basically like that but worse because it sits lower, hurts worse, and if you're running you can usually just stop and it goes away... Gluten related cramping can last awhile... Like hours or for some, days...