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  1. WOW! You sound just like me: I have had, or still have all of these: frequent heartburn (past 4 years) frequent stomach upset/nausea (since childhood) keratosis pilaris (since childhood) bruising easily (since childhood) irregular periods (unusually long and sometimes 2 in one month for about 2 years) frequent mouth ulcers (since childhood) wearing of tooth enamel (noticed by dentist at last check-up) anxiety (past 5 years) lump in throat feeling (occasionally) bowel movement urgency The heartburn, ulcers, stomach ache, etc seem to be linked to generally too much acid in my diet. I tend to eat carb heavy, alcohol and Coffee (coffee helps me digest things, and makes up for the fatigue I get from accidentally eating gluten). I have been off of gluten for about 4 years now. But it's almost every day I still find new things where gluten is hidden. My main issue is Hives. I'm not 100% sure, but I am pretty sure I am also blood type O (and really believe in the blood type diets). I get irritable and anxious and fatigued when I eat gluten. If I eat a lot, I have to immediately lay down and sleep. That nap is the straight up drooling on the pillow type of nap too. Like... BAM!!! Lights out!! It's crazy. Bruising easily seems to be linked to a general inability to absorb nutrients. Since celiac really does damage your intestines, and you can't get enough nutrition ....like....EVER, that means it can lead to less bone density ( osteoporosis way later in life, but also tooth health I think--tooth and bone seem to be on the same page). I have TERRIBLE teeth. I've had a couple failed root canals even and just had to get them extracted. I have asked my dentist wwhhhyyy, but there's no real answer except "it can be genetic" (Which isn't really a good answer in my opinion). It's not like our bodies are made to fail......? There is no record of cavities in humans until the domestication of Corn. (Carbohydrate that turns to sugar) and it's not just letting sugar sit on your teeth, but tooth health is connected to your entire body as well. I don't think dentists have realized the connection of gluten allergy & tooth health yet, but I'm onto it. . . Anyway, newer issues that I have noticed are Blood Sugar problems. My blood sugar will drop and I'll need to pick it up (usually I go to carbs as a quick fix, but not the smartest!!) I haven't eliminated dairy because I feel like I would never get enough calcium or protein if I did. (I should probably try though). But I definitely understand your issues, and think you should try to test or at least eliminate gluten totally and see how you feel. I tested it when I was 19 by eating a piece of bread, the next day I woke up with a huge red painful rash all over my body that lasted for 4 days. Since then I stopped eating it forever The lump in your throat may be an anaphylactic response to an allergy. I started feeling like my throat was a little swollen and my voice would get a little nasally (didn't realize what that was until really recently). My symptoms seem to be morphing over time. It's not more anaphylactic than systemic. I don't know if that's a good thing. I get tons of hives, like at least once a week now. Do you ever have SUPER BAD hangovers? Maybe even hormonal issues? I've noticed in the past few months my hormones are raaaaging. My boyfriend does not like it. hahaha. Oh , right, and another thing that I think is connected is that sometimes I feel slightly autistic...like, I get one track focused on something...maybe there's inflammation in my brain preventing neural pathways from spreading out in a natural way--instead they get stuck. . . Kind of weird, I don't know much about neurology but I think there could for sure be a link. It's even more interesting to think about why our FOOD is hurting our bodies!! It shouldn't be that way, you know? We really need to refresh our food supplies and get back to nature, I think. PHEW sorry RANT. I hope other people have the same things happening, and we can figure out solutions together! -LS
  2. Glutened...first Time In 3 Years!

    Permission to baby myself, Score! haha. Yes, mine last about two weeks too! And then I can't really tell when my immune system gets back to normal, but it's a while. Haha, yes, I don't hate everyone, it's the damn gluten. My boyfriend is so tired of hearing me say " Gluten Free " But oh well. Good job 6 months! You got it! Thank you so much !
  3. Glutened...first Time In 3 Years!

    Thanks!! (((HUGS))) back!
  4. Glutened...first Time In 3 Years!

    Thank you! Yes, exercise sounds good. I am now going to be extremely careful about my food choices.
  5. Glutened...first Time In 3 Years!

    Thanks for your response! Yes I have had a lot of hesitation when eating out, of course. Many people don't even know what it is! I understand that, I did't know much about it in the beginning either, but of course now it's a lot easier. But even 3 years in I still am finding out new things to avoid. I understand the rock feeling in the stomach, inability to sleep etc. Good for you for writing the reviews! I haven't heard of that website, but I'm going to check it out, hopefully it's in my city. I think it would be a great idea to come out with an app for the phone that lists Gluten Free places-- but with a level. Like, who has real options & knowledge about gluten, and who is just slapping the label on their menus for marketing purposes. Then another problem is that when going to a restaurant sometimes the servers will think that they know gluten really well, but don't. One time I went to a really fancy restaurant, and one of the deserts that my date ordered was a "malt milkshake" I asked the server twice if it was gluten free...(Malt is one of the main things that's definitely not gluten free!) He assured me it was, and then even checked with the Chef too. They insisted it was gluten-free. There is a small possibility that it was Malt derived from corn, and actually was gluten-free, but I kind of doubt they knew that much detail. So basically, I'm very skeptical now. That's awesome they sent you a message back, were they apologetic? The restaurant I went to was very apologetic, got a refund immediately, and replaced my burger on the gluten-free bun. Your husband is Gluten-free too, that's actually kind of cool, might make things a little easier to deal with? Not that I wish Celiac on anyone, but he is probably a great source of info for your new diagnosis. Best of luck on staying non- glutened!
  6. Phew! Well I found out I am Celiac at age 19, and am now 22 years old. I eliminated everything I could pretty quickly. Since then my body seemed to get more sensitive to many foods; I can't eat GMO corn, no non-organic dairy at all, and organic foods as much as possible. Also, for some reason bananas aren't great. Then it started to get a little less sensitive for a while, I felt like my immune system was level, and my digestive system was pretty solid! Then one day, I went to my tried and true- trusted restaurant who are normally extremely good about preparing Gluten-Free foods. I ordered the burger on a gluten-free bun. Hooray! I was starving,so when it came, I chowed down. About 3 bites in I thought "Dang, this is awesome, this bun tastes so good" Then it hit me, oh no.. This isn't a gluten-free bun is it.. So I asked, and it definitely wasn't.. I hadn't eaten that much gluten since age 19!! I almost started crying right there , I was so afraid of what was going to happen. Well I immediately went to the store and purchased probiotics, gluten-ease enzymes, a papaya, everything and anything to help! It was weird, I got really bloated but didn't quite have the same reaction I was expecting. A couple days later then it started to happen. I started having all the normal symptoms, rashes, abnormal bowel movements, bloating, foggy head, fatigue, immune system depression, etc. It's been a couple weeks, but now I'm reacting to so much! Two times in the past week I've had to call in sick to work and just sleep. I've been completely forgetting tasks at work, mood swings out the wazoo (Sorry boyfriend!! I feel like such a jerk sometimes for my crazy mood swings ). I don't know if I've got some sort of contamination happening, or maybe since that hamburger incident my gut was re-damaged and now I'm hyper sensitive again? I worked so hard to get it back to normal. I'm also having swollen lymphs, and hard time sleeping.. Any advice on how to deal with this? How to speed the repair along so I can get back to normal? Also..any advice on how to deal with a significant other during mood swing times? That's another whole can of worms.. PS. thanks for the ranting space--this helps so much!!