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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Very Hard To Lose Fat

    ive been having this problem of fatigue/low carb. im trying to add denser gluten free starchy carbs like potatoes, rice. so far its been helping with my constipation and my muslces feel like they have more energy.
  2. I know why you have a hard time with meat! Protein is important because of amino acids that do sooooo many functions in your body. Your main problem is most likely that your digestive tract does not make enough stomach acid to digest the meat. I know because I had the same exact problem. All you need to do to increase your digestive acid is to take Betaine HCL with pepsin with every meal. A non pill form would be to drink water with apple cider vinegar or drink water with lemon juice. these will help with the digestion of meat. posters above are right. stick to anti inflammatory fish and grass fed beef if you can find it (cows eating grass=more omega 3's). Also, very low carb makes me very fatigued. I would include starches in your diet. I got alot of fatigue problems but I've been making dairy free gluten free tapioca pancakes and they seem to give me a higher boost of energy.
  3. ive been trying a high natural fat and animal protein because ive heard people with food intolerances heal themselves by eating this way over a year or two. It seems too good to be true with both SCD and GAPS diets. I tried megabombing my gut with coconut oil etc but it wasnt helping my stomach and my energy levels were way down low, been very lethargic, lacking life, depressed etc so this high fat high protein low carb thing isnt working for me for whatever reason. I have some tapioca flour and it has 42g for 1/2 cup of it which is fantastic. I found a simple recipe that has equal parts coconut milk plus tapioca flour plus one egg which makes a nice thin pancake aka crepe.. But if I want to temporary eliminate eggs because of a possible high thiol or a possible soy intolerance (almost all chickens are fed some kind of soy), What can I do with the Tapioca flour? Can I make something relatively easy without the egg? Can I just mix the coconut milk with the flour or maybe with just water?