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  1. So I found out in Nov 2013 I have celiac. Though it is getting easier to handle the limitations, Some of my family and co-workers just don't get it. Cross contamination has been a huge issue for me. How do I deal without sounding like I need a pity party for one?
  2. So being a new celiac, I wasn't sure where to post this question. I am still making a number of mistakes with the hidden gluten in things. But I printed a list of trader joes gluten free items and just shopped off a that and didn't read lables. I bought 2 items that when I got them home and had eaten some of one saw that it was made on shared equipment.I'm just 4 months into my gluten free-ness but I guess even when it is on a gluten free list I still have to read every label... Wow this is tough.