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Gluten Free For My Kid

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  1. Good to know. Thank you. We eat a TON of cheese here and I was concerned. Thanks again!
  2. I'm new to this site. My son is allergic to gluten (among many other things - but Dr said he MUST eliminate gluten and peanuts!) (not a Celiac patient). We just found out. He's 9. His allergic reactions show up as severe sinus issues and intestinal issues (which I won't get specific about). Anyway, going gluten-free, I have found myself allowing him to have things that I normally never would (like gluten-free tortilla chips at lunch, or gluten-free cereal, which has less fiber, protein and more sugar than I usually allow, in the morning). I don't know if it's his insides getting all "cleaned out" or if he's having a problem with the extra sugar and fat.... but he is experiencing some new intestinal issues. This has given me even more to think about. yikes and thank you for all your info.