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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Accidentally Ate Gluten

    Thanks for the reply's! I did feel lousy yesterday-tired, headache, no appetite, brain foggy. It seemed to be more mild compared to when I was eating gluten all the time. That was the first time in 3 years I have knowingly eaten any gluten I was worried I'd be down and out for several days, but symptoms only lasted about 24 hours, and this morning I am feeling fine....for now....life as a celiac.....
  2. Last night I accidentally ate a small amount of gluten. My brother was preparing dinner and mistakenly used orzo (100% wheat flour) instead of arborio rice for risotto. This was an honest mistake and by no means was he trying to "gluten" me. I took one bite and knew instantly that it wasn't rice. I swallowed maybe a few noodles and spit out the rest. I took some activated charcoal immediately. I felt bloated and had stomach cramps last night. This morning I feel a little groggy, but not like I have felt pre-diagnosis. I am dreading the days to come, but I'm hoping Ill be fine. I have been gluten free for 3 years and have healed and am absorbing food better. My last antibody test was undetectable! I guess I'm wondering if anybody that has been gluten free for several years, and then ate gluten, if you have the same symptoms as pre-diagnosis? Anybody eat gluten by mistake and have no reaction at all?
  3. Ignorant Pharmacist

    Everyone is saying to check with the manufacturer. My pharmacist checked with the manufacturer. (OP) The manufacturer admitted the pills contain gluten. So, what the replies are saying, is, maybe the pharmacist and the manufacturer are wrong? I will call the manufacturer on Tuesday myself and scrutinize each ingredient.
  4. Ignorant Pharmacist

    Thanks for the reply. The pharmacist already contacted the manufacturer and they confirmed the pill does contain gluten. My question is: is it such a small amount (under 20 ppm?) that it won't cause symptoms or damage?
  5. I picked up my prescription at Walgreens yesterday. I informed the pharmacist that I have celiac disease and need to make sure the pills do not contain gluten. She checked with the manufacturer and said that it DOES contain gluten, but "it is a small amount and a small pill", and that I "wouldn't even feel it." (I have to take these pills up to 4x daily) She also said it is almost impossible to find a pill without a small amount of gluten. I was shocked. This is coming from a professional pharmacist. Needless to say I am reluctant to even try the pills to see if I will "feel" the gluten. Please advise. Thanks!
  6. Cream Of Rice

    Thanks for the replies. I definately limit gluten free proccessed foods. I don't consume dairy, soy, msg, or HFCS. I am very vigilant. I travel with food, haven't eaten out in over a year... I just want to be an informed consumer. If a product is making a gluten free claim on its packaging, I think its reasonable to ask that there be scientific testing to back up that claim. How does one "make choices for ourselves" when we have false information? I guess I need to start a strict whole food diet for six weeks to see if that helps. Thanks guys
  7. Hello, I have been on a strict gluten-free diet for over a year. I still get symptoms, so I've been on a mission to rifine my diet even more. I've come to the conclusion that "gluten-free" products are making me sick. I try to limit them, but I eat (ate) cream of rice daily....so I decided to investigate further...... I emailed B and G foods inquiring if they test for gluten in their product, cream of rice cereal. Keep in mind their product is labled as gluten free. I wanted to share the response I recieved: We appreciate your concern with our Cream of Rice Cereal. We don’t test rice for gluten. We have systems in place to prevent cross contamination. Separate receiving systems and silos are maintained for wheat and rice. The equipment used for receiving bulk wheat and rice such as hoses are maintained separately and have different connection types to avoid interchangeability, and will are marked wheat or rice. The processing equipment is separated for wheat and rice. One line is dedicated only rice products and one line is dedicated only wheat products. We also use dedicated rice only or wheat only utensils. We do not run any cream of rice products while running any wheat products to avoid any cross contamination issues. In addition, allergen containing ingredients are labeled and stored in a segregated area. For some reason I was under the impression that if manufacturer states their product is gluten free, they are required to test for gluten and achieve a result below 20ppm.