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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My 18 month old had similar symptoms; beige and VERY acidic diarrhea. Sudden onset such that we thought it was a stomach virus, but it just never went away. Husband is celiac so we eliminated gluten and she started having normal stools again. We also did the blood test (altho not the complete panel) and it came back negative. With family history and response to diet, we went gluten-free and never looked back. There are good reasons to do the endo, though. Just wasn't for us. Maybe we'll let her decide to do that when she's older. If she can tolerate eating a gluten diet for that long, that is.
  2. Keep us update after the scope. This was our experience, too. Immediate rash and then bleeding blisters just after diarrhea. It was terrible. We didn't get the gene test for our 18 month old and her blood panel also came back negative. My husband is celiac, and she got better on a gluten-free diet, so we didn't choose to do the endo although I understand there are very good reasons for doing so. Yes, finding all the hidden sources of gluten can be very tricky. Does she stay at home with you during the day or does she go to daycare?
  3. Well, results of the panel were negative, but it looks like they only ran three tests? ttg antibodies (less than 1) iga serum (47) and gliadin (2). I guess even if it's celiac it's not surprising since she was only symptomatic for two months and she was off wheat for the week prior to the test. Have an appt with the pediatrician on Monday.
  4. We experienced the exact same thing with our 18 month old; loose stools for two months. We could hear her mess a diaper and even if we got her out of it and cleaned off in 20 seconds, her bottom would already be red, like the stools were caustic. We just did the blood draw for the celiac panel over the holiday and are waiting on the results, but going gluten-free seems to have improved her symptoms. My husband is celiac and a gluten-free diet doesn't need to be expensive, but it can take a little more effort. Just means you eat more whole foods instead of prepared stuff; I eat better now that I'm with him! More fruits and veggies! Because you're right- gluten-free ready-made food is super expensive and that's why we hardly buy any except for some breads and snacks.
  5. Had the test over the Christmas holiday and it was 30 seconds of crying and yelling (her, not me) but only 30 seconds and she promptly forgot about it. Plebotomist was fantastic. Am thinking the ice cream dinner that followed might have been more for parents than her.... Don't have test results yet, but since eating gluten-free, her rash is gone, stools normalized and her mood seems a bit better. Just wanted to update and thank folks for the input. Even if test is inconclusive, we'll continue with the gluten-free diet and I'm sure as with most little kids, she will eventually get an inadvertent gluten-challenge at some point and we'll see how she reacts.
  6. Yes, I had read that. She has been eating wheat since she was maybe eight months old, so @ 10 months. I guess I figured that first, the blood test is less invasive than the biopsy, and second, if the blood test was positive for celiac, we could forgo the biopsy. Are there reasons to go ahead and do a biopsy of you have a positive blood result?
  7. We had scheduled the blood test for the same time as her next dr appt, but her symptoms weren't that bad at the time. I doubted it was gluten at first because the stool change happened SO suddenly, I figured it was a virus. When she got progressively worse, I called and asked to do the blood test immediately. I hear it only takes a couple of days to get the blood test results back so if we need to schedule a biopsy after that, hopefully they can get us in right away so we don't have to keep her on gluten.
  8. As it turns out, I called the doc and we're not waiting a month for the test; we're taking her in weekend if possible. My husband and I want to take her off gluten ASAP, but didn't want inconclusive test results if she was gluten-free beforehand. Her stool has gotten pale, sometimes green and her rash is so bad, it looks like stomach acids are irritating the skin. She was weaned right before the diarrhea started two months ago but the amount of BM was inconsequential; maybe an ounce or two a day. Never been on oral antibiotics. Dad is celiac so gluten-free diet is not an obstacle for us; it would actually be a HUGE relief because we know how to deal with it already. And yes, that is a GREAT idea; we'll definitely call the lab before we take her in to ensure we get a kid friendly phlebotomist!
  9. Hope it's OK if I jump in and ask, did those of you with confirmed celiac babies noticed a gradual or sudden onset of symptoms? My daughter (father is celiac, I'm not) has previously had normal stools, sometimes mild constipation and occasional diarrhea, and then all of a sudden for the last 7 or 8 weeks has had loose stools every day, 2-5 times a day. She's only 18 months. She has also had recurrent yeast infections since she was a newborn and diaper rashes what feels like all the time and it's really bad now that she has loose stools. Follow-on: She is scheduled for one of the blood tests next month; is the venipuncture for the blood sample bad? I'm dreading putting her through that.