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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey all, I've been on a gluten free diet since I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to know if this was normal. Um....for starters I feel like I've just left a drug rehab facility. This is gluten here folks! Why am I so moody and out of my mind? I am having these extreme highs, and extreme lows in mood, and am crying all of the time. Sometimes because I am happy, sometimes, because I am sad (over nothing of course). Then a few days ago I was driving to work and felt like I was stoned out of my mind (in a good way of course, along with my body getting all tingly like it does if I were to hypothetically partake in such an activity). I just wanted to grab everyone's face and be like "life is great!" and kiss them on the forehead. Then after a few days of that, I just wanted to cry because I was really depressed. Also the bloating seems to be coming back, and I am not ingesting any gluten (I have been REALLY careful about this). I am a little worried that I got gluten bombed at Christmas dinner, but I checked all of the labels for gluten, and my family knows what is going on (I've also convinced them to get screened because they have all of the same symptoms that I have). Some days, my anxiety completely goes away, other days it's out ocontrol. What is going on? Is this gluten withdrawal? Or have I been gluten bombed? I am also on a gluten-free colon cleanse right now (it's uber gentle and uber awesome for anyone with IBS or constipation- It gets rid of all of the undigested plaque in your system- been using it for years http://www.drnatura.com ), so I am supplementing with gluten-free probiotics, and multivitamins, and making sure I am drinking PLENTY of water. I just need to know that this is normal, and going to a doctor is out of the question since I am uninsured and am flat broke. When does this get better? It's so early in this game, I can't quite tell what my body is reacting to! I just want to get back into my pants again!
  2. Also, I stumbled across this the other day. I'm not too far from U of C- they do amazing work there! Thanks again!
  3. Thank you guys so much for making me feel less insane. It's difficult because for the last few years I was treated as though I was imagining being sick (especially odd considering that my ethiopian feed the children belly that would last for weeks would cause me to shoot from a size six to a twelve within a day). It just felt kind of odd for her to be treating me as though my medical condition was not a "real" medical condition with a "real" treatment. You may as well tell someone who has depression to avoid really horribly written pop songs about love. In short, I think my doc is full of it, and I am glad that I am ignoring her advice. Thanks again, and I am hoping to be feeling better soon!
  4. Hello everyone- I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac, and am experiencing some confusion with the instructions my doctor gave me regarding my diet. I have yet to get my biopsy, as I am low income and have to wait for the county to approve me for this procedure, but my blood test came back positive, and I have been fairly ill for the last five years. After diagnosis, I asked my doctor to go over the gluten free lifestyle and the best ways to avoid cross contamination, as well as keeping a gluten free kitchen (my partner still eats gluten). According to my doctor, she said there is no need for me to worry about cross contamination, or eating wherever I like. She said that it is stupid to have "celiac take over my whole life," and that as long as I am not intentionally ingesting gluten that I should heal, since my nutrients "aren't that bad." This is contrary to everything that I have read, or heard about celiac disease up to this point, and I am not apt to believe that I was given the best advice. If someone could clear up the confusion for me that would be great. I am being really diligent about not eating gluten because I am tired of being sick. And if cross contamination is going to continue to cause me to have bouts of horrible digestive issues like I've been having, I am not understanding the advice my doc gave me. Thank you so much!