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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm actually planning on getting his thyroid checked also. His TSH was checked recently because he was diagnosed with ADHD. It was 0.851 with the range being 0.3-6.0 as normal. I have Hashimoto's so I plan to get his antibodies checked. I'm wondering if he might be hyperthyroid since he is very underweight, cannot sleep, and very emotional (I read on that theses are common symptoms, as well as ADHD-type symptoms). I'm just trying to rule everything out before we give him meds for ADHD. Thanks for the responses. I need to make a list to give his ped of the labs I want done. (Good thing I used to work there, so I can pretty much tell them what I want lol ).
  2. I've had all my children tested for Celiac, after I was officially diagnosed in December. They all came back negative, but my ped only did one test (and I cannot remember which one it was). I thought I read somewhere that there are several blood tests to confirm Celiac because you can possibly test negative, but still have it. I'm having 7 year old's thyroid checked next week and wanted to make sure I asked for additional celiac tests (if there are more than one). He still exhibits the signs and did much better on a gluten-free diet (that we started 2 months ago).
  3. Ok, I'm glad to know it's normal to produce some antibodies. Thanks :-)
  4. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 3 weeks ago and was told to have my children tested. Two of my kids have symptoms, two do not. Their pediatrician tested their IgA level (she said this one was the most used to test). We did not test my 7 month old. The range was less than 20 for normal. My oldest was 11, and the other two were 3. I know they were less than 20, but doesn't it show something since their results weren't 0? Does it mean their bodies are producing some antibodies? I'm confused by this because the ped said they were fine. We would just retest at their yearly PE's. (I hope my question makes sense :-) ).
  5. Thanks for everyone's input. I will look around the site more, especially the links some of you have provided. I do need to take this more seriously and buckle down with the diet. I am greatful I found this forum :-)
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and new to Celiac. I was diagnosed a couple weeks ago, by chance actually. I learned through blood tests and an ultrasound that I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and while at the endocrinologist, she saw that I was also B-12 deficient. She said she suspected Celiac (apparently many with Hashimoto's have celiac) and ordered another round of bloodwork. All the tests came back indicating Celiac. I really do not have symptoms of it though. She wants me to go gluten-free but said I do not need to see a gastroenterologist or nutritionist, nor does she think I need biopsy of my small intestine. My general practicitioner thinks I should though. Which should I listen to? I'm not keen on the idea of a biopsy and am struggling with the gluten free diet, so a nutritionist would probably be helpful. Also, if I don't have many symptoms (occasional bloating, gas) is there much damage being done when I eat gluten? (I'm sure there has to be some b/c of the B-12 deficiency). Also, I get the dermitis herpetiformis rash occasionally, but always assumed it was a reaction to a new lotion, etc. I did not realize what it was until I was researching Celiac, saw pics of it, and thought "Wow! I get that rash!" lol Thanks for any input!