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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Easy/processed Meat For Super Sensitive?

    Whenever I get a dr that is dismissive its an automatic red flag for me. Have you had a scope down your throat with a camarea or the other test through the backside with a scope? I am sorry to be crude but my mind draws a blank on the medical names of these procedures. I would seriously find another DR. Could it be yoiur Gallbladder and possible stones? Gallbladder attack can be very painful could it be your pancreas? My fiance had gall bladder attack and he said it feels so painfull like a tight steel belt around your waist with hot searing pain. In fact if you cant get any action I would just march into the emergency and demand action. My fiance had to go in the emergency room three times the first tewo times the Drs. were very dismissive and said you have ulcers just stop worrying. The third time he had to call an ambulance because he couldnt drive himself he got a female dr. this time and she diagnos him right away she called for an ultrasound of his abdomen. Take care
  2. Easy/processed Meat For Super Sensitive?

    I would get only organic meat and make sure that it is pasture fed only. Since gluten residue might be itn the fleash of anilmals that consume grain. YOur reactions to things could also be your sensitivity to soy. That is why meat that is pastore feed is most important. I really hope you feel better.
  3. Wolff

    MMM I love Pocono cream of Buckwheat!!! I had it the first time the other day and I made it like I use to make cream of wheat halof water half milk with some butter. I ate it like grits and than I ate the left overs the next day and put sugar in them. I was ecstatic it almost tasted like cream of wheat (which I havent had in three years), You can also order it on line through some of these health companies order your other staples at the same time so the shipping costs will be worth it.