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  1. I tested negative for celiac, but it could be that I was off gluten for so long that it was a false positive. My doctor just doesn't know enough about it and after being gluten free for about 2 years and finally after getting an appointment sent me right for a blood test. The thought of the headaches and sinus pain not to mention the belly pain and everything else that goes with it is what is keeping from doing this again. My family is also less than supportive. A prime example was Christmas yesterday. We had a bit of an argument when I asked that my gluten-free toast be kept separate from the regular toast and was told by my sister that it's not like i was going to go into anaphylactic shock. I said no it's not that, it's cross contamination, and to which I also got from my nephew that it was the last time today that he wanted to hear about gluten free anything. My family doesn't have to deal with it personally and because it doesn't affect them directly they just don't "get it". Spending time with them makes me feel alone in this. They don't have to deal with the headaches (which is my main tell tale sign that I've been glutened), I do. Thank God, my bff is also a celiac and she has a very supportive family.