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  1. Can you give me an example of gluten not washing off because I do not understand how that is possible. It's not glue or anything. Other foods wash off if you wash your hands, why not that one too?
  2. I read a lot and I try to learn
  3. so, you got all upset over nothing? why?
  4. But hay for cattle feed isn't wheat. like kareng says. Just walking into a bakery will not kill you. I walk in the bakery aisles in the supermarket and nothing happens, And allergies are not the same a celiac disease, as far as I know.
  5. So what? what does that have to do with EATING gluten? You really have to stop panicking about every single thing that you see ....or step on. Like milk and hay. shoelaces?? seriously....they are NOT a concern.
  6. Thank you for the idea. I was looking for a good shampoo and my hair and scalp is very dry, too.
  7. These are all really helpful for me too. Thank you very much. I have so many questions but I will read the all those links.
  8. I am happy to see that I can have poptarts again.