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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had a TTG of > 100 on a scale of 10 positive. After the Endoscopy Dr told my wife that he did not believe I had Celiac cause he did not see damage indicating Celiac. He only took 3 biopsys and all showed moderate villous blunting confirming Celiac disease. Dr did not see the damage in my case so I would not get discouraged.
  2. Thanks everyone. I just got my results and biopsy supported blood work and I have Celiac.
  3. Hi, I am a 41 year old male. I don't have the strong stomach or digestive symptoms that you hear about with Celiac disease however have many problems with leg cramping, pretty significant twitching of muscles while body is at rest, shaky hands, finger nail problems with raised bumps and white areas on a few fingers, cloudy head, trouble concentrating, bradycardia, very dry flaky skin on both sides of my nose. I have also had test in June cause I was feeling very tired and dizzy when I got up from laying down or sitting. They found then that I had normocytic anemic and also had elevated Prolactin (42.7) Anyway I had a tissue transglutaminase iga test done a couple of weeks ago and my results are as follows.... TIS TRANSGLUT AB,Iga My Value: >100 U/ml Reference range: <4.0 (Negative) (Note) Interpretation: Positive (>10.0) TIS TRANSGLUT AB,IgG My Value: 1.6 U/ml Reference range: <6.0 (Negative) Also Ferritin Test Results... My result 20 ng/ml Range: 20-300 ng/ml Vitamin B12 Test Results... My result 396 Range: > 200 Vitamin D Test Results... 25-HYDROXY D2 My result < 4.0 25-HYDROXY D3 My result 26 25-HYDROXY D TOTAL My result 26 Thyroid Test are negative MRI test was negative for tumor that would cause the elevated Prolactin. I have had a Colonoscopy that was done in June that showed nothing at all. I had the Endoscopy done last Monday after which the Dr. that did the scope said that he did not see anything that would indicate Celiac disease and that maybe I am just sensitive to gluten. I have not received the results of the biopsies yet. My questions are from what I have heard that a TTG test >100 is a pretty high value and I am wondering if the Dr should have seen anything during the endoscopy. Also I have read that TTG can have false Positives for other Autoimmune Diseases and wondering if it is not Celiac if it could be something else with my TTG levels so high... or is the TTG so specific for Celiac that I have it and they did not find it or I am just sensitive to glutten. Or can you not have much damage to your intestine but have the neurological symptoms. Thanks for any info or personal experiences you can provide.