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  1. Hi Kat - my husband was diagnosed with both 2 years ago. He got an endoscopy and his esophagus was stretched. This helped a lot as before the procedure at times he was unable to swallow and always felt very full. He can no longer eat large meals.
  2. Thank you both ! This is extremely helpful, I will search the boards and starting today eliminate casein as well. I seem to be okay with yogurt so it makes sense now.
  3. Is casein milk ? All dairy ? Wow , is it difficult to eat gluten free and dairy free? I do really well for a while gluten free then I will have a slice of pizza or bread and within minutes I have symptoms, I need to completely eliminate it forever. I do get cramps sometimes with dairy, especially ice cream. I am excited about this site :-) thank u
  4. Thank you, this is my first day on this site and I plan on reading and learning a lot. My doc wanted me to get another biopsy and I declined. All I know is that as soon as I eat gluten I get sick and I don't want to get any more tests. The past 2.5 years I had every test under the sun, was told I have IBS and even MS ...the 6 months eating gluten-free I felt like a new person. I need to listen to my body and keep gluten out of it.
  5. I suffered for years with many gastro issues , headaches, brain fog and most recently joint pain and inflammation. I tried a gluten free diet and within 24 hours I noticed a substantial change , stayed gluten free for 6 months and felt amazing. I had a checkup and my gastro wanted to perform a biopsy and asked me to eat gluten for 5 weeks. I did the challenge and was so sick. My blood work came back negative and so did my biopsy. I was wondering if the 6 months Gluten-Free impacted my yet results. I also get a tiny rash on my forearm and recently discovered it goes away when I go off gluten. Has anyone received a negative biopsy for Celiac but still suffer when they eat gluten?