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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the reply guys Mushroom, that's exactly how my blood tests read too.. I wasn't told I have pernicious anemia though :S I'm currently taking supplements, the doc said that I'd have to have the injections if they don't work. At least I know now that it could still be Celiac
  2. Sorry if I wasn't clear in my first post. My iron (ferritin) levels are fine and within range.
  3. Hi again *waves* Ok, so I've posted a few threads here and there about a few things, so I promise this'll be my last one lol. Well, I recently got the news that I'm b12 and folic acid deficient, and currently waiting to be referred to a gastroenterologist. I've done some research, and know that b12, folate and iron deficiencies are common findings in Celiac. But my iron levels are fine. Is it possible for Celiac to manifest in just a b12/folate deficiency and not iron? I find this pretty odd to be honest. Also, the doctor said I'm not anemic because my haemoglobin is fine, so again, is it possible for Celiac to present in this way? Non-anemic b12/folate deficiency? Thanks if anyone knows the answer
  4. I didn't even take the idea of non-celiac gluten intolerance into account! Thanks for that, I'll definitely look it up. Does it cause the same symptoms of Celiac? Just an update, I got my results. The celiac was negative, but it was an IGA test, so could have been so 'cause I'm IGA deficient, I dunno. I do have a deficiency in b12 and folic acid, so am on supplements for 2 months, will see if my b12 has gone up at the end of it to see if I'm having problems with absorption. I also got referred to a gastro, so we'll see what they have to say. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to get an endoscopy, never had one, and not looking forward to it lol.
  5. Nah, I'm from England Yeah, I can vouch that anxiety surely does cause symptoms. If I do have celiac, I hope the anxiety will go on a gluten free diet. Being a health worrier, I've been spending waay too much time on google, lol. Celiac is the first disease which fits every last one of my symptoms, so I've asked the Doctor for it. I'm aware that it could be something completely different, but I did do a small gluten free break a while back, and I did seem to feel better. I dunno, I guess a part of me kinda wants it to be celiac, 'cause then at least it can be controlled by what I eat *sigh*
  6. Thanks very much for the replies has helped calm me down somewhat, Wednesday can't come fast enough to be honest, lol. I just realised I think I got the name of the test wrong! I can't remember what the test was now (grr, damn memory), but I remember the Doctor saying that this is a "specific test for Celiac, and there isn't really a full panel," when I inquired about it. I think it was actually endomysial antibodies? Ah well thanks again guys, I guess I'll just have to wait and see
  7. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. I recently got an Anti-transglutaminase antibodies test, along with a few other things, and got a phonecall from the Doc today. I have an appointment in a few days for the results, and I was just wondering, when you guys got told your results, was it classed as urgent? Like did you get called in the same day? It's just I do suffer from health anxiety, and waiting for results has to be the worst part for me!! So I'm mainly just posting this to help allay some fears. Hopefully, someone diagnosed can let me know their experiences. Also, I was wondering how to interpret the results? Like what are the ranges and stuff? Thanks in advance.
  8. Oh gosh, loads of other symptoms. Bloating, swinging between D/C, sometimes suffer from a dry mouth, abdominal pains - which aren't so frequent nowadays, but all through school, I'd get horrible pains EVERY morning, dry skin, constant chapped lips, muscular/joint pains, these itchy bumps/blisters (which I suspect MAY be mild DH, derm appointment soon) and the list goes on lol. I haven't been tested for Celiac yet, I'm going tomorrow to get my b12, folate, calcium levels and stuff run. I imagine if it is celiac, there'd be some sort of abnormalities in these tests? Also, my brother also suffers from a lot of the bowel symptoms that I do, which make me lean toward celiac as I know there is some sort of genetic aspect to the disease. I have had some bloods done before, including my thyroid, which came back normal. However, I have read about needing to get a full panel done or something, as there's a lot of inaccuracy with these tests? I was also diagnosed with a UTI recently, which I've been told is abormal for a young male (I'm 20), I was wondering if there's anyway this may have a correlation to celiac? I've read a bit about kidney stones and celiac, but I dunno. I guess the ultrasound will tell me what's going on. Thanks for the reply, by the way
  9. Hi guys, I've read a few threads about some celiac sufferers, and feeling chills as a symptom. I do also have this. My question is regarding the nature of the chills, like were they induced by anything in particular? For instance, touch or cold? Thanks for any replies, would be very appreciated.
  10. Ah thank you for the reply. I've finally received my referral for the derm so hopefully some light will be shed soon! Although, I must say I'm not expecting too much seeing as you didn't get dignosed so many times sisterlynr! lol
  11. Ah thanks alot. Hopefully someone will be able to reply about the DH, but yeah I'll definitely ask the my doc about testing for Celiac/malabsorption issues. However, everywhere I've read that blood tests aren't really reliable for diagnosing Celiac?
  12. Hi guys, Well, I'm here because I have a few questions for some people diagnosed with celiac disease. I'm currently undergoing tests and the like because of a myriad of symptoms, trying desperately to find a diagnosis. Of course, I'm very much aware that no one online will be able to provide me with a Dx and that's not what I'm looking for. I just have a few questions regarding Celiac disease. Firstly, because of my symptoms I had some routine blood tests run. Thankfully these were all pretty much normal (bar a few anomalies) and the Doctor was happy to send me on my way, despite me still having symptoms *rolls eyes*. Anyway, my question is regarding whether if I was to be a Celiac, would something in these tests have indicated so? I had all the usual stuff done, thyroid, full blood count, lipids, liver, urea and electrolytes and so on. So yeah, would anything be abnormal in these tests that would indicate possible celiac disease? And secondly, I have been suffering with these tiny blisters and bump things appearing all over my body - mainly legs, around hairline, chin, hands and sometimes arms. I usually feel an intense itch on the spot, so of course I go to scratch and then a bump will appear. If it doesn't itch, I get this stinging sensation and then the bumps will follow. I already know this does sound like DH (or from what I've researched it does), but I was wondering, because after the first itch/sting, the bump/blister won't usually itch much afterward, rather just taking absolutely forever to heal. Does this sound like something other than DH? I actually managed to watch one of the bumps form today. I felt the usual itch, it was on my arm, I went and scratched, and noticed my arm had redness over it. The bump slowly raised, the redness dwindled, until it was no longer red, and just the bump remained. That bump has since gone down alot! To the usual barely visible size all my others have been. I do have a referral to a dermy, but I dunno when that's gonna happen - still awaiting a phone call - so any info on whether this sounds possibly like dermatitis herpetiformus or not would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance if you can take the time to reply Jonoh.