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  1. Thanks, Mushroom...I was a little worried, I consulted with a Nutritionist yesterday, and she told me the results were probably altered since I went gluten-free for a few days. Now to have the kids tested, ages 4 and 7. Runs in my family on mother's side. Grandfather was positive and mom has never been tested. Thanks for the quick replies.
  2. Good afternoon, all! So, I've had some bloodwork done, Dr. says I am positive for Celiac, but I would like a better understanding of my lab results, I have typed the results exactly as seen on lab report. I knew before the tests that I was having a problem with gluten, and went gluten-free 5 days before the test (I didn't know!), then I read that one should be consuming gluten for the test, so I panicked and gluten loaded 2 days before....so maybe this threw off some of the results. I will be seeing the gastroenterologist Monday for a consult. I have been feeling so much better since being gluten-free for a few days now, so I am definitely questioning whether I need a biopsy or not, although I understand that biopsy is the "gold standard". I do feel better having some validation from the lab work, but It seems pretty clear to me. 1. Deami. Gliadin Abs, IgA - 46 Neg. 0-19, Weak pos. 20-30, Mod. to Strong pos. 30+ 2. Deami. Gliadin Abs, IgG - 97 Same values as above 3. t-Transglutiminase, IgA - 5 Neg. 0-3, weak pos. 4-10, positive 10+ 4. t-Transglutiminase, IgG - 3 Same values as above 5. Endomysial Ab, IgA - Positive positive or negative 6. Immunoglobulin A - 406 Lab report only shows a range of 91-414, Thanks in advance for any advice.