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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dapsone

    Yeah I feel like I am one of the lucky ones, low dose too. Maybe you need to up ur dosage? I would figure you'd have more relief by now! I am very new to all this but maybe the clobetasol propionate and Elidel I've been cramming into my skin for the last 15 years kept me from having the disease as deeply manifested in my dermis
  2. Dapsone

    so do you think if I am ascribing to a GFD I can taper off the Dapsone now and it would potentially not come back? That would be very cool.... I imagine prolly not though
  3. Dapsone

    I was told that I could come off the Dapsone after 6 months to a year of strict gluten-free diet, does that sound right? Is it really going to take that long for the GFD to kick in?
  4. I never had any luck with Triamcinalone (Kenalog) neither the cream or the shot :-/ I didn't get improvement with anything less potent then Floucininide, best result were with Clobetasol Propionate. I found this listing a few years ago and it's really helped me visualize the different strengths of topical corticosteriods. So every time I changed doctors I didn't end up with another low potency cream/ointment under a name I didn't recognize. https://www.healthne...lidel_natl.html But I must admit I agree popping the blisters is the only relief from the pressure and pain of the blisters. Mine always seemed to fill back up at least once and I'd end up scratching off the scab/crust again. But once they turn into an itchy lesion then the Sarna was a great relief... Nothing like self destruction to discover a good product. It's like "let me cut myself so I can by these great bandaids" a little different I know, but I still feel like the whole thing is very self-perpetuated.
  5. Dh Rash Bleeding Now

    I love Sarna! Its the best OTC product I have ever used for the itch!!! It literally saved my sanity during pregnancy when I had to stop all the topical corticosteriods, topical immunomodulators and sedative antihistamines (before I found it was DH and was being treat for severe eczema). I bought it at Walmart. Online too sometimes (free delivery) then I didn't even have to face the pubic
  6. Looks a lot like mine me thinks I was sucessful using clobetosol propionate to keep my itching low and the blisters controlled, but I was going through like 4-5 15mg tubes a month... on that high potency corticisteriod that's only supposed to be used 10 days at a time :/ Thanks for posting your pics it helps with my peace of mind... too bad it can't help with the gluten-withdrawl nauseous I have right now
  7. l've been nauseous all afternoon... could the gluten withdrawal come on that fast? I did as you recommended and searched it sounds like it, but I never imagined it would be this quick. Its funny, even though you recommended I get knowledgeable to ensure I don't think its something else, I still ended up taking a pregnancy test because I couldn't believe it'd be 24 hours into it. But I must admit my previous diet was borderline 100% gluten full... Pregnancy test was negative BTW
  8. DH Photo Bank

    Initial skin biopsy (punch): eczema negative, puritic vesicle observed Immunoflorescence IgA skin biopsy (punch): Weak Postive Blood Serum Celiac Comprehensive Panel (Quest Diagnositics - Ttg, EMA & EMA Titers): Positive Small Intestine biopsy (EGD): negative (pictures from Oct 2012 - prior to biopsies, tests & Dapsone use)
  9. Interesting Reading On Dh

    This really is a fantastic compilation of DH references! Thank you! It worries me a little that you talked about your itching though in follow up comments This Dapsone seems to be a miracle drug. I imagine you are off of it though and controlling your DH by GFD only. So, are you still itching? The GFD doesn't keep it all away?
  10. Thank you so much it's bittersweet though I must admit. I stopped buy my local liquor store today and they smiled and were happy to order me some New Planet and Green's beer. I was afraid of ridicule and misunderstanding but this is off to an ok start.
  11. Yeah I'd seen that even in medical journals as a professional perspective. But it all happened so fast and since I was easy going and no cost was to be incurred I humored them. I always interpreted that as saying it wasn't a necessary procedure in diagnosis, not that it would come back negative :-/
  12. Hello all, I am super frustrated with my diagnosis journey over the last 15 years... a new city, a new diagnosis. Can you tell me if this looks right to you? For the last 15 years i was told I had severe eczema, that could not be controlled properly but by high potency corticosteriods, topical immunomodulators and sedative antihistamines. Now I am told it's not eczema, it's Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Blistering rash, rarely gone more than a few weeks if at all, symmetrical (elbows, knees, feet, hands, underarms, hips, stomach, buttocks), severe itch. I am on Dapsone 25 mg 2x daily and now completely clear. Diagnosed Dermatitis Herpetiformis (Dermotologist). Blood tests done, then told to go GFD (Primary Care Doctor). Asymptomatic gastrologically, endoscopy done, told I don't have Celiac (Gastroenterologist). But if I have DH I have celiac disease right? Why can't all these doctors agree? Anyone's spots look similar? Initial skin biopsy (punch): eczema negative, puritic vesicle observed Immunoflorescence IgA skin biopsy (punch): Weak Postive Blood Serum Celiac Comprehensive Panel (Quest Diagnositics - Ttg, EMA & EMA Titers): Positive Small Intestine biopsy (EGD): negative Thoughts? (pictures from Oct 2012 - prior to biopsies, tests & Dapsone use)