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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks!! All of these replies have really helped. I am consumed right now reading online and trying to be as educated as possible about all of this. I have "somewhat" started to get used to looking at ingredients every time I pick anything up. I was cooking yesterday, and even spices, before using any, I ran to my computer to check the additional ingredients/additives. If it was questionable, then it wasn't used. Such a drastic change................ My new issue is my one and only vice...... a Corona beer, ( which almost all beers are off limits), and although there are a few that are gluten free, I doubt I would like them. I don't particularly love beer, but I do love Corona! I don't smoke, have always eaten healthy, ( at least what I thought was healthy, w/o knowing I had this disease), exercise, blah, blah, blah........, but an ice cold Corona has been my drink of choice on a hot afternoon, while at a sports event, concert, while doing yard work, while cooking in the kitchen with my children, while relaxing on my porch.......... I will have to find a substitute for this......... I do enjoy wine, and have had a couple glasses over the last few days, ( only after ensuring it was a gluten free wine), but, somehow, it is not as satisfying. So life altering this disease. :-(
  2. Thanks! Yes, the internet has been my saving grace, or else I would be totally lost right now.
  3. Sadly, over the last few days, I have found that eating out is going to be close to impossible for me. At least for an actual meal. I can go with my family and eat whatever item may be okay, ( as long as cross-contamination is unlikely), but to go and just eat somewhere doesn't seem likely. :-( When we travel, I don't know yet how that will work.
  4. I was semi- diagnosed about a month ago, and after many tests, ( many)...... confirmed diagnosis from my doctor yesterday morning. So..... I began trying to figure out this gluten free diet, which started with a trip to my grocery store, that left me very depressed. My head is literally spinning trying to figure out how to eat this way. The other, slightly big problem, is that I mostly eat veggie. ( not a strict veggie----once in a while--less than once a month, I will have a few bites of steak or chicken) and I do still eat animal products, eggs etc.. I mostly just don't do "meats". Well, I have always relied on delicious pasta and breads to give me "bulk" calories, as eating fresh fruits and vegetables all day doesn't really supply a lot of calorie intake. I am a thin person, and to not be down right skinny, I have always looked for extra calories. Well, most of those things are now forbidden. I don't know how I am going to keep weight on. I don't even know how I am going to figure out how to eat gluten free....... I feel like it is in everything........ at least everything I keep checking. We eat out ALL the time, and how in the world can one eat out and eat safely? I have spent so much time on the computer, trying to learn as much as possible about this, and it is, to say the least, overwhelming beyond belief. Yesterday I went to bed hungry, ( despite the many rice cakes I ate to fill myself) as I simply couldn't find gluten free meals/dishes in the store, and didn't have any recipes yet. I got some snacks, and plenty of extra fresh veggies to have something to eat at all. Today, breakfast was okay, as I made three eggs, using smart balance butter, and a bowl of fruit. I would have also had yogurt, but found online that Dannon Oikos "may" contain gluten, so that was nixed. For lunch we went to Texas Roadhouse, as I got routed to them from a few sites stating that they had a gluten free menu....... well, that turned into a disaster..... so i ate some steamed carrots and broccoli there, ( which according to what I have read since coming home, was likely subjected to cross contamination)! I'm about to head to a different grocery store, in an attempt to get something!! We live about 2.5 hours from San Diego and go there often so I plan on hitting whole foods the next time to check out there options for gluten free. It is taking everything I have to not flat out panic, simply because it just seems so difficult. I did check all my vitamins and supplements and it looks like all of them are gluten free, ( a few even state it on the package) so that was good news! Although, according to what my doctor said, the reason I am deficient in so many ways, despite taking supplements like crazy, is a direct result of the Celiac and my body not absorbing....so until I get this under control and 100% adhere to this diet, I guess the supplements are pointless anyway. Uggghhhhhh...so frustrating! Am I over reacting to this, or is this normal to feel this way? Any help with the diet would be soooo appreciated.