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  1. has anyone ever heard of cocaine? ever see a movie they are all wearing masks? ever walk into a lab where cocaine was being made?of probably not but if you did without a mask on you would not only get high your blood would test positive......how is walking down the bread isle for an extremly sensitive celiac/non celiac with gluten intolerence any different?? time and time again (thank god...ok not thank god as i dont want others suffering but thank god as now i know im not the only one) but thank god im reading all these posts saying i live near a wheat farm and in peak season im glutened every day....i cant walk down the bread isle....i cant walk into a pizza place....none of you are crazy!! i owned a successful deli/catering company i sold because going to work was making me so ill i was positive i had ms...what was it...airborne gluten....i dont care what any professional tells me i know what my body says
  2. dont let anyone tell u your nuts i have the same problem. gotten so bad wife or kids make toast and im sleeping i awaken so violently sick almost ten fold what happens if i eat gluten. i got so i had to sell the deli/catering company i had...couldnt walk into the front door of my own restaraunt. i even tried uising an epi pen / benadryl / albuterol when i had an attack that a doctor scarcastically gave me a perscription for all the while telling me i was nuts and its medically impossibleto have a reaction from smelling it as he said if that was the case you think the airlines would give u peanuts...people with peanut allergies dont drop from smelling peanuts....so much ignorance around soo many educated people...i wish i had a medical answer or reason for you all i can sa is your not alone and trust your body
  3. Airborne Gluten...

    sorry but i dont buy into this true celiac reaction stuff...what is a true celiac reaction anyway? everyone reaction is different. celiac reactions, allergy reactions. im sick of listening to people, most of the time educated people...doctors...etc who think that everyone falls into this neat little category. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. myself i walk down the bread isle im in serious trouble. instant brain fog instant nausea instant kidney stone like gi pain instant rage / anger instant on the toliet and on the toliet for hours in both direction...trust me i didnt sell my catering company and deli because i wanted to i sold it because going to work every day was making me so ill i cant describe it. i wouldnt test positive either. gluten wouldnt show up on any standard test and thats when i was still eating it. i wasnt skin and bones or vitamin deficit. i didnt have any classic sign of celiac disease. what i did have was more idiot doctors repeatedly telling me i was insane and send to shrinks. after finally finding a lab on line i could get genetic testing done without a doctors order as ten different idiot doctors would not send me for because they couldnt think outside the box...guess what i tested positive. go figure. so forgive theirritated undertone to this post of mine but finally seeing others who are airborne sensitve and to hear someof the replys it irks me to say the least. ill just say in conclusion ican be sound asleep and if someone makes toast as just happened when on vacation i awoke in bed covered in vomit as i was vomitting as i awoke like at the same time...instant reaction...no warning...two pieces toast in a toaster on the other side of the house...idk...sigh...all know is if im so sick the same way when im posioned by eating gluten and so sick the same way when im posioned by smelling gluten and injecting myself with an epi pen and takning benadryl and a rescue inhaler doesnt help either (remember i said i had a bunch of idiot doctorstrying to tell me maybe its not in my head then its gotta be some rare allergic reaction and epi and benaryl will fix it...instantly.....yeah thanks doctors...all u did was add tachycardia and extreme aggitation and restlessness from both epi and benadryl on top of a brutal gluten reaction inhaled eaten or licked on a stamp) i think the reason im posting this rant (sorry) is two fold. first as a way to get this aggrevation off my chest from a lifetime ofbeing posioned and kicked aside if you willand made to feel crazy and two to tell anyone who is listening who is expierencing similar symptoms to believe their bodies and dont believe they are crazy like i did for so many years
  4. Im 42years old. Have had celiac since birth although I didnt know it until two years ago. Suffered with symptoms all my life. Been on antibitiots more times than I wish to remember. As manyof you I have come to know when I have been glutened as opposed to being sickened by an antibiotic. I can say from expierence and from calling drug manufactures and many one on ones with my pharmacist that the zpak along with cipro and augmentin in generic and non generic form do not contain gluten. I for one when I am glutened I know immediatley as I get extreme rage/anger issues along with a brain fog that I cannot begin to desribe. It happens everytime I am glutened. On a side note I would like to add dont believe (as I dont) everyone and anyone including multiple PHd holding doctors that you cannot get glutened from touch or thru the skin. Excuse the laungage but that is 1000% bulls$#&. I after multiple glutened exposures thru my skin from raw pizza dough and philo dough sheets have become poisioned. I know for a fact there was no other way. And it was not inhaled as you can also get glutened that way. Trust me I know what im talking about. Anyone who has ever walked into a pizza place and walked out feeling like seventeen mac trucks just drove over them (when all you did was walk in the door and spend five minutes looking over a menu) listening to people tell you gluten only gets in your body by ingestion is a nutjob. Sorry but anyone that ever tries to sell me that line of bs I turn my back and leave. I just basically went bankrupt having to sell my restaruant because of these kinds of exposures. philo dough. I touch it bare handed instant glutened. I wear gloves no issue. Flour dust (bakery was in a seperate room in our kitchen) just by inhaling it same thing im done...in bed for seven days comatose and drooling on myself. Sorry I went off on a side note here but I tho it was worth mentioning. I would like to add if anyone out there who is ready to dimiss my symptoms from being glutened by touch or by inhalation (as many docs have and sent me in search of a shrink!!) I have two things to ask you (assuming your also celiacs or gluten sensitive because in my mind if you are not you have no business trying to offer advice you learned from a book or medical journal update) do one of two things. first take some all purpose flour and pour it into a bowl standing over the bowl. Pour it so some flour gets on the counter or even on your skin/arms and a little dust can be seen in the air. Now breathe normally. If you have the amount of sensitivity I do you will become immedialtey sick. Second take an envelope. Lick your finger not the actual envelope and use your wet finger to wet the glue on the envelope and seal it. Again if your anything like me within minutes you will know as u will be sick. Im also gonna add this inhalation and skin contact poisioning recently started with me in the past six months. So in other words I was a injest thru the stomach or mouth kinda celiac before. Now touch and smell gets me too. Once again its be your own advocate and diagnose yourself. None of my doctors believe me. If I didnt get so violently ill I would show them in their doctors offices just what happens to me but I cannot handle another week of being comatose and drooling among all the other symptoms. I always ask them too there thoughts on cocaine. their thoughts on the nicoderm patch or a fentanyl narctoic pain patch. Any of those items enter your body thru the skin or thru the nose (inhalation regarding cocaine) Havving ex lawenforcement in my family as well as myslef being paramedic(besides a chef) I have seen many people and been on many scenes where these items have been in use. We walked into one drug factory after the police raided a cocaine lab and we were called to treat a hurt police officer and we saw all the drug suspects leaving the factory in handcuffs all wearing gloves and masks on their face. Think about that. Why do people manufacturing cocaine care if it gets on therir skin or in their nasal passage in the form of dust...why? because it is a way into their body. Think about the nicorderm patch or a fentanyl patch. I cannot count the number of patients I have treated with those patches on their skin. Now ADD A GLUTEN INGREDIANT TO COCAINE AND TO THOSE PATCHES and tell me that the gluten isnt going to get into their bloodstream. That example usually has doctors whom I pose this question to dismiss it by babbaling something like "all the literature says you must eat gluten to be affected"....believe what you want to believe I know what my body tells me. Sorry I went off on a tnagent here but I think if I can keep someone who is going nuts trying to figure out why they are sickened and they know they havent eaten anything with gluten it was worth it. Now back to the zpak. theres a few things to remember with antibitoics especially the powerful ones like zpak. Their side effects to people WITHOUT gluten sensitivity or celiacs diesease are 99.9% of the time the same complaints. You usually hear people say "I took this stuff and now have a nuclear war going on inside my stomach" unfortunalty thease kind of antibitoics wreak havoc on our GI systems. The COMMONPLACE is extreme N/V/D. Extreme gas and bloating. Abdomin so rigid and so disteneded you think your gonna explode. I have to say it again. This is the NORM for the vast majority of this. Like all of you im terrified to put anything into my body. I call the drug companies also. Anyone who has ever heard the word Lawyer should know why many times when we call any company and ask about gluten we get the "we cannot guarantee the outsourced ingredients blah blah blah." They know whats in their products there all simply scared to give a definte no for fear of litigation. I can tell you as we speak Im on day two of a zpak. this time its generic. last time it was brand name. Last time no issues other than my above paragraph about the commonplace...this time the commonplace is starting again and tomorrow by day three it will be brutal. But again my body knows without a doubt it is not gluten. I would list all the symptoms i get from gluten and all the ones i get from zpaks and the like and explain in great detail the differences in each one but isnt this message im writing long enough already (lol) ? I would mention something else I learned about a year aga and have finally cleared it up which definelty mirrored my gluten exposures but thats a candida infection from years of antibitoic use. Thats what scares me about taking antibiotcs now is that they kill all ur bacteria. the good and the bad. Thats why I take a probiotic everyday and use natural garlic supplement daily also which aids in killing the candida (yeast) infections from excessive antibiotic useage (three times a year is considered excessive) its also very important to avoid sugar of anykind as sugar feeds the yeast infection. I mention this in the hopes I can help someone else not go thru the same frustration as I did because killing the candida infection I had took almost ten months and was not fun. Sadly so many tings contain gluten. And so many of us just dont have a gluten issue. Many of us have allergieson top of this. I should add many of us feel we are allergic to antibiotics or other medications (narcotic pain medication is usually one of the ones people report as being allergic to when they truely are not) Remember that in a nutshell allergic reactions to antibiotics or other medication or foods USUALLY invlove hives / itching / raised welts on the skin / breathing difficulty....yes thats a small list and I mention it as a reference point. Usually people that take something and get side effects such as N/V/D...gas...bloating..headache is not an allergic reaction. That said always check with ur Doctor if u expierence anything bothersome but as otheres have mentioned unfortuanly somethimes the antibotics are needed and their side effects have to outweigh the infection were on them for in the first place doesnt get worse.
  5. im scared of the corn starch thats in all of these products as corn gluten acts just as wheat barley or rye gluten forms do...does anyone know of any otc or RX pain relievers that are also freeof corn?
  6. Gluten Free Tea

    does anyone know if the stash teas are truely gluten-free...Ive heard they (the tea companies in general..not necessarily stash) commonally use a glue to seal the tea bags and most of these glues are made from wheat. At first I thought this was too crazy to believe but after learning that the tequila I was drinking which I had no doubt in my mind was 100% pure, distilled and was the blanco or clear tequila (100% distilled from pure agave...no other ingredient besides water) which was causing me a severe gluten reaction was caused by the glue they used to seal the barrells the tequila was stored in. After learning this I figured nothing is too crazy to believe.
  7. Im glad u brought up the usda info which leads me to ask this question. Grain fed beef or grass fed beef? obviously I always try and buy grass fed...no artifical anything...etc etc.....we recently got a xmas gift from an oregon beef farm that they claim to be gluten-free but there livestock is raised on a all natural grain diet....what im wondering is if the livestock is eating grain does that mean or at least could it mean that when I eat that livestock am i eating grain?