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  1. I am glad to hear you haven't in two years, I guess I was unlucky and got a bad batch. It does seem very inappropriate for a company to advertise being free of things like dairy and soy, and then turn around and process them on the same equipment as those that they claim to be free of...usually companies list contaminants under the ingredients, this one did not. I hope they change their processes. I liked the price compared to the So Delicious brand and it tasted great going down. My daughter and I split the raspberry and we both reacted, we are both Celiac and are both tested through Enterolab. Good luck with eating it, I would imagine your luck will play out some day.
  2. amande yogurt advertises in bold on both the lid and the side of their yogurt of their CLAIM to be dairy and soy free. Look closely under the nutrition facts in small blurred print...this product is produced on equipment that processes dairy and soy products! I didn't see the poorly located and printed warning. After one sampling, I can tell you that it is NOT dairy and soy free. I am Celiac and react immediately to both dairy and soy. I am also on a strict diet at home, and have been for a year and a half...I don't eat out! Avoid this product if you have issues with either of these two foods. It will contaminate you!