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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Trial 1 With Zglutn: Has Anyone Else Tried This?

    Ok so I asked my doc. it can help with the auto immune reaction but you need more than just z glut to deal with that. basically when we eat gluten it creates a cytokine reaction that opens up tight junctions in your gut that creates the whole body autoimmune reaction by letting the gluten pass through to the blood stream. Im not a doctor but i am relating it as well as I can. The Zglutn is an enzyme + herb + vitamin blend that reduces the reaction both autoimmune and inflammatory. I am going to try with the other pills that my doc recommended next time and let you know what happens. They are still in the experimental stage. @colleeney haha i should have tried some KFC! and a huge burger. I need to consult you next time i try something like this. @jen I will keep you posted about the progress of the next stuff he is putting me on. I am volunteering in a research group that is going to draw blood and a bunch of other things to see what happens in the autoimmune dept. after the consumption of guten so I will try it while on zglutn and the other pills my doc is giving me.
  2. Trial 1 With Zglutn: Has Anyone Else Tried This?

    [quote name='1desperateladysaved' timestamp='1357064245'] I did like my nutri-val test which analyzed my need for supplements in great detail. Some common for celiac ones that I am on are: Pancreatic enzymes (could that be what you tried?) Vitamin B Vitamin D Coenzyme Q10 Magnesium Probiotics I am also on a special series that my chiropractor tests me for. I I think that I am now hoping that the nutrients are getting in. I like the idea of the nutrient tests, so that one is not spending more than they ought to. [/quote] I am taking B complex, D, ascorbic acid, magnesium and a brazilian liquid probiotic. My nutritionist told me the zGlutn is an enzym and herb blend to break up the gluten, lactose, and whey because most ciliacs are also lactose intollerant and then there was an herbal anti-inflamitory that is safe for daily use. I am curious about the pancreatic enzyms i read up on them just barely and they are lipase and amalase but there are more enzymes in zGlutn. I have been using blood analysis to test my nutrient uptake. Is that what the Nurti eval test does? If so can my Nutritionist do it for me or do i need to go to an ND with a phlebotomist?
  3. Had Spices On Fish. Not Sure If Safe....

    I had a similar experience with corn chips. they had bread in the bowl before they put the corn chips in it and only whiped it out with a cloth. I'm thinking it was probably cross contamination
  4. Ok for those of you who do not know me I travel a lot. So from time to time I accidentally ingest gluten in one form or another. For instance I found out today that [b] Sodium Starch Glycolate[/b] is technically gluten and can cause a full reaction in someone who is as sensitive to it as I am. Thanks to #glutenfreeinsc post I now know what I was getting in my diet that was causing a reaction. So I've decided to start trying different things that can help me either get better faster once I ingest gluten or reduce the reaction if taken daily. Keep in mind that I am a little bit eccentric at times. Tral 1: zGlutn by systemic formulas I decided to eat a slice of bread and take 4 pills at the same time. I know this is insane but I wanted to know if it worked. So I ate the bread during lunch and told my boss that If i didn't make it into work the next day I was probably dead... The next two hours: a little cloudy feeling but not very severe. And no GI issues. That evening: Kept working and didn't feel very cloudy but had to pace myself. I was a little tired but still no severe reaction Went home and went to bed after a light dinner. My stomach was growling a bit but no pain and no noticeable diarrhea or nausea. This was a surprise to me since I always feel very sick, get stuck in the bathroom and can't think straight after I get gluten. I also get a rash around my mouth. I know that's gross but you understand my plight. Next Morning: a little bit of a hot feeling in my stomach but nothing too bad. I felt a little bit cloudy but still functional. Worked through the day no problem except for a two trips to the lavatory. Conclusion: helped a ton. Wouldn't recommend trying this at home because it wasn't a cure but if you get gluten by accident it can reduce your symptoms dramatically. I've been taking it every day and it seems to be helping. Has anyone else tried this product? I got it from a nutritionist. Iang if anyone has a product that works for them as vitamin I want to try it. apparently ciliact is terrible. I'll keep trying supplements and diets and keep you guys updated.