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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What happens us ill drink a coffee with cream then ill get that caffiene rush.hours later sometime the next day ill get the sour milk taste I'm my mouth,tense muscles ,gassy, lethargic
  2. It had been almost two weeks since I ate gluten he didn't want to waste my money on a test,he gave me two options 1: go eat gluten for at least two weeks snd come back to test or try gluten diet .He also said my symptoms match up to s milk allergy as well (not intolrence,but allergy).Im not sure which is worse celiac or milk allergy? I had a gluten intolrencr test done this summer but it came back neg (not celiac test).And I was eating gluten everyday before that test. He did do thyroid test ,cortisol test,vitamin deficiency test on Wednesday and iron test, so I'm waiting for those results
  3. After a heavy spell of symptoms right after Xmas from eating angel food cake(real whipped cream,donuts,cinammon roles) my body shut down.It took a few days though of symptom after symptom.It started with a neck tension,upper back,shoulder tension.Then heart was irregular,shortness of breath,slight wheezing snd little cough,and cold hand/feet plus tired.Well as you all know I went to docs yesterday feeling pretty good but described all my symptoms that have been affecting me all year 2012.Digestion problems (constipated ,or opposite,smelly BM like sour milk,sinus issues,allergy issues,muscle pains etc.He mentionned celiac.Long story short Ive been off gluten two weeks,been feeling pretty good so I decided yesterday ,hey ill have a coffee(I quit that to last week).I always take 1 cream,1sugar with coffee.I ended up waking up again slightly nervous (had coffee at 1pmorevious day).Today I feel weird and had that sour milk breath and I'm constipated again plus real gassy.But only today? And I are fruit plus pounded water for breakfast.I felt better eating saloman and broccoli for lunch.My question is can a milk allergy kick in only the next day and can it cause the above symptoms I mentionned? Because I know I didn't eat gluten yesterday or the day before? Makes sense to anyone here? I'm confused? I didn't super flare up like at Xmas but had mini symptoms?
  4. He did that today all b12 ,zinc iron magnesium etc although I already heavily boost myself daily I'm curious to see the results
  5. After over a year of doctors and specalists I met a doctor who actually said the words celiac!! After describing my symptoms he said its highly likely and that my body is in over reaction mode,given my possible celiac and other allergies (dust mites).My systemic response to gluten right now is 1: muscle tension jaw/neck/shoulders 2: cold extremities 3: heart rate elevated 4: fatigued 5: sinus flares .Then over a course of a few days to a week the symptoms decrease (if I don't eat gluten) and I start healing slowly .Any infiltration of gluten and it restarts,the longer I take between gluten ingestion the less the symptoms will hit if I do consume a small amount. He said I may also have adrenal fatigue? Because its been a year solid of non stop symptoms plus all my regular allergies (dust mites/pollen) amplified 10fold.So my body is exhausted hence why coffee affects me negatively.He said once the adrenal fatigue is fine coffee can come back into diet no problem.He also said I could consume gluten and come back for official tests but I just can't take another beating like that on my body I need rest badly.Thank you Xmas snacks for that !!!! Anyways does this make sense to some of you? He did take the usual thyroid/ blood cell tests and also a cortisol test to check adrenal functions.
  6. Check this out, I had stopped eating soy before Xmas ( in nov),because my tests showed I'm allergic.Thus meant almost all breads ,and similar products to gluten.Anyways Xmas comes around and I ate a few donuts,cinnamon roles,cake.Like the next day my body started shutting down.Muscle tension neck,shoulders,back and irregular heart beat,shortness of breath,cold hands and feet ,super tired,sinuses flared up.I cut out all gluten its been 6days and my shortness of breath has subsided,my heartbeat has leveled off, and all my muscle tension has let up but in exchange I have pain everywhere where I was tense.Kinda like good pain like the muscles have a good hurting feeling like their glad the tension is released snd seems their healing now.I still tired but a better tired like when I sleep it makes a difference instead of that waking up with s nervous feeling.And my hand and feet are warm today snd it was -22 in Montreal today go figure.Im going to doc Wednesday and I'm going to have my thyroid checked but regardless I'm sticking with this gluten free diet another month see where it takes me
  7. Great info for me,thank you very much for the responses this gives me hope
  8. I have one more question and I promise ill stop posting until I go to the doctors again. My main symptom apart from digestive problems is muscle tension/ pain.I get frequent back of the neck tension and aches, upper back and shoulder tension, sometimes ill also get muscle pain like a sun burn but under neath the skin.And lastly like a lower back ache , but minor,and muscle weakness if I eat the wrong stuff like McDonald mcmuffins ,donuts etc but usually the day after and not right away.Since my digestion is either sloth slow or in overdrive. Just wondering because I have read recent posts but I don't see a lot of muscle problems ??
  9. I'm wondering what tests I should ask my doctor for next( or beg him) since he thinks I have anxiety only .Right now my current symptoms are , a nervous feeling before a bowel movement(which I've had on/off) my whole life.It seems my stomack/ digestive tract goes into overdrive when I eat gluten.But only after a few days if being off the stuff.For example this Xmas and the week after I ate cake,donuts,cinammon roles, and my symptoms exploded.Sore stiff neck/ back/shoulders and jaw.Sinus flared up again,nervousness ,cold hands and feet,shivering.I stopped eating all gluten and soy (allergic to soy) on Monday.Slowly my muscle tension subsided,and now my stomach can take small meals ( gluten free of course ) and bigger meals like last night (steak and spinach) and it had that weird consequence.I woke up nervous and had to take a #2 which came out fine.Except I know by the way my stonach feels its going to be one of those overdrive days.This is what I called days where I need to be near a toilet because my digestion is in overdrive 4-6 times ill need to go.Not diearhea but small normal ones?!? It's been like this as long as I can remember, either I'm constipated or on overdrive since my early 20's.Only the muscle tension was new this year and sinus problems .Ive had food allergy testing including Gluten (not celiac), blood tests galore for thyroid,diabetes,red/white cells,urine tests.Mri of spine,X-rays spine,lungs,EKG,endoscopy (no biopsy),hpylor I tests .All neg I'm lost.Do celiacs get muscle tension and sinus inflammation? I also have hemmroids in 36 make
  10. Hi everyone, I hope you can help me with my problem.It seems since March 2012 that my health has been on a steady decline and at 36 yrs old this worries me greatly.I have had blood testing(allergy tests),the following items im allergic to (soya,pollen,dustmites both types 4/5,peanuts,hazzlenuts and tree pollen).I also asked for the gluten testing (not celiac) but gluten and it came back negative.Before I start my story here is a brief summary of problems i've pretty much had my whole life.Random heart palpatations that vary ,come and go when they please.(Have had echoscan,ekg etc..nothing).I always had digestion problems that progressively got worse with age.I would always be either constipated or the opposite,and ton and tons of heartburn(which I always attributed to stress and coffee).I also have hemmorroids and those get worse with caffiene.And in final i've also always been a nervous fellow,even though sometimes when nervous im not in a nervous situation? Now for the downfall of March 3rd 2012 to date.In 2011 I decided to do weightlifting and everything was going great.I then started taking supplements,lots(not steroids or illegal drugs),but protein shakes,pre workout and post workout shakes (amino acids etc).Everything was going fine until a few weeks at the end of feb 2012 everytime I went to bed id have wheezing like tight chest but no problems breathing.Then in March something pretty big hit me in my personal life, and on the 3rd I woke up with a tight chest in the pectoral area.I was also dizzy,so off I went to the doc's after a week of it not going away.He did EKG,blood work,urine work etc.....Came back negative and he said my muscles were super tight.Ok I said,ill back off the weightlifting and leave it alone for awhile.About two weeks later my chest eased up to normal,but I still felt off.I started slow again and then major back pain happened.I't was bad enough to bring me to the ER,and the gave me lyrica and sent me home.I went back to doc's and demanded MRI of spine,shoulder where my pain was.This came back neg, and he sent me for physio.I attended a few sessions and they said could be a rib out of place(even though xrays/mri's said none of that).I finally went to another clinic for massagetherapy and an osteopath.By this time my heartburn was record breaking and my neck was tight and I had jaw pain.(not clicking or popping sounds and the jaw worked just fine) but pain in front of ears.....my guess was the neck tension was throwing everything off.(Keep in mind I have stopped the weightlifting by now completely,and supplements).The only thing that helped me was massage therapy.This is where she discovered the sheer amount of real muscle knots everywhere in my upper back,shoulder blades ,neck etc. After going through a few months of massage therapy ,stretching etc,other stuff started.Sinus problems,dizzyness,light sensativity,tingling in tongue,and finger tips,feet etc.Went back to the doc and starteddemanding further tests (diabetes,thyroid,red cell,white cell counts,urnie tests) about 4-5 times and everytime came back negative.Went for an endoscopy(tube down the throat) came back negative for ulcers,Hpyroi bacteria biopsy also negative.I also had probably 4-5 more xrays of lungs,spine and always negative.Then I went to a TMJ specalist thinking I threw my jaw off and hence all the muscle tension(doesnt explain stomach problems) but at this point what did I have to lose.He tried to find something but he said my bite was dead on,slight deviation of jaw that lots of people have etc.....He suggested allergy testing given my sinus problems.I went for expensive allergy testing, and above is what they found.I also went to an ENT and she said my nose was swollen shut inside and looks like allergies,gave me lots of drugs and sprays.She explained to me the post nasal drip could be causing my stomach issues?? Hmmmmmmmm,seems like a lot from one weightlifting accident?!?! almost impossible but im no doctors.I went through the whole summer with major sinus issues and back pain,dry mouth ,eye sensativity etc.... Once I got my allergy results I decided to cut out soya(soy), wow its in everything!!! So anyways I was doing a pretty good job of doing this,even the massage therapist said wow you barely have any knots!! And in all faireness my back started feeling better.Anyways winter hit and my sinuses struggle was still there so I started dustmite/pollen immunotherapy ,plus upgraded my sprays etc.Also I started eating chocolate (only the ones with soy letchin) and oddly this didm't help at all.I started to get a sore back again, and coffee recently really doesnt agree with me AT ALL,like 20 min after equals muscle twicthing in face,sore back etc...I accidentally also ate premade hamburger paddies and it litterally felt like I had a sun burn on my muscles so sore ,everywhere.Not like Fybromalaga or anything like that ,literally felt like it was on fire.Stiff neck started etc, so I stopped instantly again. So after a solid 2 weeks of no soy food etc, xmas hits.So my mom says hey I made you cinammin roles,and a piece of angel food cake with no soy in either.She used real butter,brown sugar and pretty muched followed the list of ingredients I can't have (soy,and all soy tricky named stuff like guar gum etc etc).I ate them and bam wow I felt like death.Sinuses flared,back pain is back with a vengence,neck pain ,jaw pain is back,super cold feet,nervousness back again,feel tired.Im like What???? the hell is this??? Even my BM smell like death,stomach has a lot of bloating.And again coffee=reallly bad results real quick.I always take my coffee either 2 cream 1 sugar ,or 1 cream ,1 sugar ,never black.Also yesterday I had tingling in fingers,cold feet,just felt nervous!! and last couple of days shoulders are like cement!! My question also to the celiac croud, because I cut out soy (pretty much all breads,cereals,breakfast bars,donuts,chocolate,and a ton of other stuff) could I have also cut out enough gluten to feel better if thats the true cause? I usually eat pure fruit in the morning,eat veggies at lunch also pure no dips,and dinner I eat hamburger meat(I make and no buns),eggs,bacon,pork,chicken,more veggies and for desert i'll eat chips(Kettle chips only) that clearly state no gluten and made from safeflower/sun flower oil so no soy.I drink water only or coffee but only 1 coffee a day and that still hurts me (gluten in coffee??) Im lost folks, now I can't eat soy free baked goods ,what else could it be??? Lactose is not in baked good right? and I know gluten is in baked goods right??