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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I become withdrawn when I feel ill. I am very sensory-defensive, so any extra stimuli on top of the illness seems magnified because I'm already so overwhelmed. So I wouldn't say I felt "less autistic" on Atkins, but my sensory difficulties were not as pronounced. I still had overwhelming urges to read for hours on end, a strong aversion to social situations, the tendency to put a song on repeat for hours, and an inability to pick up on sarcasm, just to name a few of my quirks. ;-) Now that I think about it, my mind was less "foggy." The fog can make it hard for me to focus and complete tasks. Fortunately I'm sort of a compulsive list-maker, which helps a great deal. Thanks for all replies. I will go back on a gluten diet (UGH). I had been feeling a bit better, but I am not feeling so well today after eating some gluten-free pretzels and cookies. Gassy and running to the bathroom (sorry tmi). I think I'll stick with less processed items.
  2. I'm wondering if someone here can point me in the right direction. I'm making an appointment with my doctor tomorrow, but I want to make sure that I ask the right questions and request the right tests. I am a 28 year old woman. I have always had digestive difficulties that resemble IBS including lactose intolerance. I am always sick to my stomach in the morning and am often sick to my stomach throughout the day (bloating, flatulence, loose stools sorry tmi). I am very short and had late-onset puberty. I have asthma and a long list of environmental allergies. I have anxiety/depression and Asperger Syndrome. I tend to be anemic. After my second child's birth I began to experience lethargy and weight gain. I became infertile and was diagnosed with PCOS (even though I have no actual cysts on my ovaries) and probable endometriosis because of the intense pain I had in my abdomen (despite the fact that this pain was in the bowel). I began to have intense pain before BMs, but because it was worse during periods they suspected endo. In passing the doctor recommended I try a gluten-free diet as I might be sensitive to it. She didn't do any testing for it so I'm not sure why she said that. I did not go on a gluten-free diet at that time. Over the next few years after this I began to develop neuropathy pain and tingling. My lactose intolerance and asthma became far worse as well. A few months back my husband and I did an Atkins diet together. I've never felt better in my life. I jumped out of bed in the morning with more energy than I'd ever had. It was nothing short of miraculous. My lactose intolerance disappeared during this time. It reappeared with a vengeance after we quit the diet. My energy levels are very low again. Over the past month I have developed a horrible rash of red bumps on my scalp. They ooze a little and are painful and a bit itchy. Two weeks ago I contracted a respiratory virus. It effected my family members minimally, but I was laid up in bed for about 2 weeks with horrible diarrhea. I was existing on ginger ale, crackers, and pasta. I am on an antidepressant that is prescribed off-label for IBS, so I should NOT be having diarrhea. Neuropathy became worse as well. I have been on a gluten free diet for two days and have not had diarrhea in 24 hours. I have to think that it is not a coincidence. The rash on my head is still awful, though. I'm afraid my hair is going to start to fall out. Any thoughts? What should I tell my doctor? Thanks!