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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Received my results yesterday, doctors says I'm negative for celiac and saw my actual test results this morning. And yes, all in normal range but the immunoglobulin a, qn, serum 82 91-414 mg/dL It's a tad low and I'm wondering what it means? I was expecting to see numbers higher than the range, not lower. Thanks
  2. Thank you, will have to try them.
  3. Go to the library and pick up a few gluten-free cookbooks, there are A LOT out there, I know my library has about 20, slowly making my way through them. As for bread, luckily for us, the first one I tried was Udi's, my Trader Joe's sells it on the shelf vs freezer, so I was able to push a tad on it and figure our it was much softer than the other ones, and the girl said it was the best one. It's good, I don't think you'll ever find one that taste like wheat bread. I find it too sweet, my quest is to be able to bake an "Udi's like" bread at home, it has a texture very similar to regular bread. So far, I have a lot of work ahead of me! LOL! Good luck!
  4. I am looking for recipes where I would make my own flour mixes versus buying a gluten-free flour mix, those can get quite pricey. If I get desperate, I might give it a try, but I'd rather find good mixes to make myself instead of getting used to buying them mixed if that makes sense. Thanks.
  5. So far, we have tried 3 gluten-free breads: Udi's from the store, Gluten-Free Pantry bread mix and Pamela's bread mix. Pamela was just aweful (to our taste anyhow!), Gluten-Free Pantry taste is ok, but texture is very caky, Udi wins by FAR but is SOOOO expensive and there's 4 of us, so between lunches and breakfast, well, it's a lot of bread. How can I make a gluten-free bread from scratch that would be similar to Udi's in texture? I'm assuming the cakiness comes from all the eggs? I'm on a quest to bake a good bread, I don't mind mixing the flours myself, it's cheaper so really is my goal. The bread is by far the worse part of this diet for me, I'm ok with pasta but the bread Everyone else is fine with it and I'm the one that doesn't even need to be gluten-free.. sigh.. I will survive and ultimately bake a good loaf! LOL!
  6. Gatita, thanks, I'll look into it. I know those test can check for a lot more too, I've thought about them, but the thoughts of digging in his stools.. yuck, I had to do it when he was still in diapers, made the job easier while still very unpleasant I'll try to get the GI to order some stool test, I know I can get some covered by insurance before going the private route. Can't wait to hear what he thought of his gluten-free sandwich today, we bought Udi's bread, it smelled so good
  7. I know, dr said he is not worried, he could have just came off an infection, his glands were slighty swollen the day of the lab so that could just be it. I'm not dead set on celiac but I am on the fact that now that we started digging, I'm not going to stop until I get an answer, so we'll see the GI suggestions, until then gluten-free diet is starting tomorrow. As for endoscopies, the fact is that most people performing those procedure are usually interns because they are considered rather "safe" procedures, but because interns are learning, mishaps are more likely to happen like a punctured something as a results. When my son saw the GI dr several years ago (he was only 2), I was seeing the head of the dept but the intern was always seeing him first. When it got time to schedule the procedure, I asked him if he was going to perform it and pretty much told him I wanted him to do it and his replied was simply "If that's what you want I will do it" in other words, he wasn't planning on it. So not, they are not invasive, they are just performed by learning folks. If he really wants to go in, I'll ask him about the "camera pill" they do nowdays, of course he couldn't do a biopsy, but I think that it is meeting ground. We'll see.. wish me luck as we try the new bread tomorrow...
  8. This sounds yummy. Sooo.. spoke with dr who is dead set that he doesn't have celiac, even spoke with the GI dept I made an appt with so I'll doubt I'll get anywhere there as well. Next step he says would be genetic testing but since it involves more lab, GI dr might do more lab as well, so we'll wait because my sweet boy got a very nasty bruise off the blood drawn last week, don't want him poked and traumatised too much. He did say to go ahead and start the diet now then we can discuss with GI dr how the past month has been with changes or anything else. He did say that the rest of the testing shouldn't matter if he's off gluten. In order to make my son feel that he is somewhat in control of teh situation, I will give him the option as to when he wants to start the gluten-free diet, anytime between now & Monday, in the big picture, 5 days won't make a difference but in his, control will make ALL the difference. Thank you all
  9. Thanks, that's my thinking, just requested to speak WITH the dr, doesn't sound like he'll be giving the dx, because the note says he's not concerned so I'll have to convince him He packs his lunch everyday as well and I doubt the teacher will require a note to stop giving him treats in class. Someone suggested that he sees an allergist and be tested for heavy metals. I never pursued his issues before, but now that I've started, I'm not stopping until I get answer. Hopefully the pursue won't be too pricey.. yikes! A few days ago, he asked me if I could, one last time before starting the gluten-free diet, if I could bake my bread. I hadn't done it in a while, so I did served with homemade toscana soup and finished by dipping it in maple syrup. I think that made him happy and made him realize that I do care about the fact he won't be eating gluten anymore.
  10. This should be easier to read, I copy/paste the results from the website and it didn't copy in the nice format! Component Your Value Standard Range Units Flag Gliadin (Deamindate Peptide) Ab (Iga) 5 0 - 19 units Gliadin (Deamidated Peptide) Ab (Igg) 21 0 - 19 units A TTG IgA <2 0 - 3 U/mL TTG IGG 2 0 - 5 U/mL IGA 149 62 - 236 mg/dL CBC - Abnormal results only Lymph 52 20 - 47 % A Abs Lymph 3.7 1.1 - 3.1 x10E3/uL A
  11. I'm waiting for the doctor to call me and tell me he got the test results, but.... received an email this morning telling me they were posted online so I had to check The first 2 sets is what he ordered for the celiac panel and the last set is the only abnormal number in the CBC. He also ordered the top 8 food allergy group, still waiting on those, he said it could be a week. Only one is a positive and from what I'm reading, it's not the definitive factor of celiac and it is a very low positive, but the lymph and Abs lymph are high which could be a sign of inflammation. So, what do you all think? Would my son receive an official celiac dx based on those? What other test should be ordered? I'll give the dr a call tomorrow if I don't hear from him by the end of today. Already made a GI appt, earliest one is in a month. Thanks! Component Your Value Standard Range Units Flag Gliadin (Deamindate Peptide) Ab (Iga) 5 0 - 19 units Gliadin (Deamidated Peptide) Ab (Igg) 21 0 - 19 units A Component Your Value Standard Range Units Flag TTG IgA <2 0 - 3 U/mL TTG IGG 2 0 - 5 U/mL Component Your Value Standard Range Units Flag IGA 149 62 - 236 mg/dL CBC - Abnormal results Lymph 52 20 - 47 % A Abs Lymph 3.7 1.1 - 3.1 x10E3/uL A
  12. Cross-Contamination

    Agreed and yes, people think I'm nuts but I love accounting! Good luck with your goal
  13. Cross-Contamination

    Didn't think I was going to stir up anything.. hehehe.. I worked for Jackson Hewitt the past 2 years and currently pursuing an Accounting degree. Red flags are when it doesn't makes sense with the income and honestly, I don't even know that we would spend enough in gluten-free food to be worth the extra time & effort to do it right, but.. it could be worth it. And yes, in between school lunches and breakfast, my son could easily eat 2 of those tiny gluten-free loaves But I plan on finding good recipes to bake it myself, we don't buy processed food right now, and I don't plan on starting with gluten-free. Maybe a bit at first to help out get a hang of it and while I find recipes, but processed food hasn't been part of our regular diet for a while. So yeah, by the time I figure out the 7.5% of our income, I don't know it'd be worth it. We'll see..
  14. Cross-Contamination

    Madagascar, he is! Have the appt made for this afternoon to get all the tests done and because it is genetic, his brother will be tested also. Might as well because going gluten-free. Hubby & I won't do the test, as adults, we don't "need" a dx, but he does have some stomach issues that he is hoping to rid of with the new diet. And as a bonus, I found out last night that if my son has a doctor dx, gluten-free food will be tax deductible.. woohoo
  15. Cross-Contamination

    Thank you everyone, we haven't started the diet yet, I'm trying to get this all right before we start so that I don't have to keep buying things for the kitchen. I'm thinking about making a utensil bag for my gluten items since we won't be using them much and I'll have to re-season my cast iron I thought they would have been ok, we'll have to remember to cook gluten food in stainless. Looks like I won't have too much replacement items to buy. Phew! PS. I'm not mean enough to bake cookies and watch him suffer For my sanity, we're all going to be eating gluten-free for the most part.