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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. That's so true! Lol! Easier said than done XD A couple of days ago I found out about something called hydrogen breath test and apparently it's also used for testing food intolerances, but I don't know if this kind of test is as reliable as a blood work, or if there is some place where I can take this test in my country, for that matter. I'll have to keep looking into it!
  2. Hello Nvsmom! Thank you so much for your reply! What you say is very interesting. I didn't know gluten could be hidden in something as lipstick. Wow, there are really many things to watch for. You're right, I should get tested. I'm kind of embarrassed. I haven't had a blood work done for almost ten years now... Yes, I know it's crazy. But I'm just so apprehensive about it. It's not the pain of the needle, it's that for some reason the thought of having the needle there makes me restless. The last time I had a blood work done they had me lie down on a stretcher because they were afraid I would faint. I've also thought about lactose. It's not like I eat much dairy products - just natural yoghourt and Laughing Cow wedges - but maybe that's enough to do it. But I've already reduced the intake of dairy. I'll definitely try to go gluten-free for some months. I'll start researching all I need to know about what I can eat safely and what I can not. I don't know if this will be the reason why I have all those symptoms I listed in my previous message, but there must be something behind that. I can't have a bloated stomach and absorb nutrients so poorly for no reason at all. Meanwhile, I'll also try to work up the courage to get a blood work done. I wish I didn't have this anxiety problem when it comes to blood works... Thank you again for your reply. You were really helpful and I'll take all of what you said in consideration
  3. I'm new to the forum so hello to everyone. I'm here because I'd like to ask your opinion on this: there are some problems I've had through my whole life. I always thought they were independent and unrelated, but I've been doing some research and I think it's possible that a gluten intolerance can explain all the things that happen to me. I'll just give you a list. - I'm thin, but I've always had a bloated stomach, making me look 2-3 months pregnant. I'm very embarrassed about this. I always thought it was fat but it isn't, it's just a bloating that won't go away. - I think I don't absorb nutrients properly. My nails have always been flaky and my hair brittle. That never happened to my mum at sister, who ate the very same things I did for many years, so the problem is mine. - I am very addicted to sugar and carbs. I can't have just one piece of chocolate, that makes me very, very anxious. I'm very serious about this. I have a very strong reaction to sugar. - I have a social phobia. Some people intimidate me and socializing makes me very anxious. I always think I come across as stupid. I always feel a mix of fear and anxiety when I have to go to social gatherings, and I don't enjoy them. - I don't think I'm dumb, but I'm pretty sure I have some kind of deficit of attention. I get distracted very easily, my mind is constantly plagued by thoughts, I take a lot of time to do simple things like reading a book, etc. It's very hard for me to focus on one thing and keep my attention there. I think this has gotten worse as I've gotten older. - I'm very obsessive. Some of my behaviour borders OCD. When I was a kid I even did weird things like licking my hands whenever they got in touch with anything, and things the like. I have more examples, but you get the gist. - I suffer from depression. Maybe not severe depression but I definitely have to fight negative feelings on a daily basis. I have a low self-esteem and very frequently experience feelings of hopelessness, like I'm not worth anything and I have no remedy. - In general I'm a very anxious person. Could all of this be related to my diet? I've read that people suffering from these symptoms improved to some extent after going gluten-free, and after giving it serious thought I think that the source of at least some of my problems must be dietary. Why would I be constantly bloated, then? I don't think I am a celiac because I don't suffer from abdominal pains or digestive problems, but that doesn't mean that gluten is not the cause of my problems. I'd do a test to find if I have an intolerance to something, but I'm very afraid of blood works, needles and medical tests in general, so I'm thinking about trying the gluten-free diet on my own for some time I see if I notice an improvement. After all, it can't kill me to try a gluten-free diet, can it? Do you think that gluten may be what's causing me all these problems? The bloating in particular makes me think so.