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  1. Soo awesome!!
  2. I have had to switch all shampoo/conditioner and shower gel. I am now looking into make-up too.
  3. Ohh la la, I am heading there right now!
  4. Does anyone know if doctors in Canada would test for gluten antibodies showing up in stool or saliva? I seen the site and they did both stool and saliva testing kits
  5. The left side is my worst enemy for pain.
  6. Wendy's is the only fast food I go to now. If I want fast but more homestyle-ish food I hit up Swiss Chalet a lot now.
  7. I love off their Frosty's and fries with mayo packets, I have no issues
  8. Which hashbrowns? I am curious about their breakfast potatoes - potato pancakes which essentially are just breakfast hashbrowns with seasoning. They don't list wheat from what I can see.