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  1. Hello everyone, I too am curious what people in this thread may have discoverd over the past few years. I have had very similar symptoms for the last 2.5 years and have been to countless specialists with no dx. My primary issue is muscle weakness and what feels like a slight delay in my coordination. I feel sluggish and clumsier than normal; its a very constant feeling, though some weeks I feel rather normal, and other weaks I feel like i just want to lie down. Brain MRI, C-spine MRI, EMG, full work up blood tests, Lyme Disease test, mineral deficiency test, Celiac test, Glucose/Blood Sugar, Thyroid, Rheumatoid, Sleep Apnea -- ALL come up normal. The only thing that was a bit off was a low vitamin D level. Here is my main question -- could I be gluten intollerant and have ZERO digestive issues? Becuase I have no digestive issues whatesover. All this started at the completion of 1.5 years of P90X (a very strenious fitness program with a very high protien/low carb diet). I did the diet longer than recommended and started looking too thin. Everything was fine till I started to have a shakey feeling in arms and legs and felt like my body was telling me I needed more carbs or fat. I noticed this especially when I was hungry. I went off the diet and then off the fitness plan and the weakness has persisted for the last 2.5 years. It's very slowly progressed and I'm not sure what avenue to go down next. Thanks so much for any feedback...