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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was diagnosed with celiac in Sept. 2012. My routine blood tests continued to show some mild levels of gluten exposure and I was still not feeling so hot. I went on a serious elimination diet to see if I missed any gluten exposure in my diet. After I stopped taking Kroeger brand generic Ibuprofen I felt 90% better after about 4 days. Was it the Ibu itself or was there gluten in the medication? My next blood test should help solve the mystery. So nice to have my life back and feel so much better!
  2. Kroger's Gluten-free List

    I've been diagnosed celiac since Sept 2012. My latest blood test came back with mild level of gluten reaction and I wasn't feeling so great either. I started an elimination diet and wondered if I also had IBS-D. I just couldn't figure out WHERE I was getting gluten until I stopped taking Kroeger brand generic Ibuprofin. 4 days later I felt 100% better! I want to get re-tested and see if it was gluten in the Ibu or if it is the ibuprofin itself that my body was reacting to.
  3. Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips have been a mainstay for this newly diagnosed celiac (10/12). I've been purchasing organic grind-in-the-store peanut butter. Now I find out that many or maybe all whole peanut manufacturers process in facilities where wheat may have been processed. No wonder my symptoms come and go. I can't afford $8/lb. for in the jar organic gluten-free P-butter. I love grinding my own if only the peanuts were not cross-contaminated. I did find one source for bulk whole gluten-free peanuts http://www.nuts.com/nuts/peanuts/organic-roasted-unsalted.html but are out until end of 9/13. Does anyone else have a source for gluten-free peanuts that are GMO free? I'm one who just can't support with my $$ companies like Kraft (Skippy) or Smuckers (Adam) who have sold out to Monsanto and the GMO industry.