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  1. Coming To Terms

    My old job, but the service there is VERY slow and there is still animosity between me and other workers that led to my illegal termination.
  2. Coming To Terms

    So how do I do that without money?
  3. Hello everyone. I'm Chase From Atlanta and I have come to the realization that I may be a Celiac sufferer. It all really started in 2002 when I was living in Sandy Springs, GA. I had to make several trips to the bathroom which made me very late for work on numerous occasions. I hadn't been eating that much since my income was paying the bills and my then-fiancee was ill with ovarian cysts. Once I lost the job at the hospital, I went to work for various security companies both as a courtesy officer and an armed guard. In 2003-2004 my symptoms had gotten worse. I figured it was lactose intolerance so I cut out ALL dairy products. It gave me only limited relief. Since that time, I was "bandaging a bullet wound" by readjusting my schedule in order to cope with my toilet trouble. It's 3 BM within two hours before I can go ANYWHERE. Due to this, I get around 5 hours of sleep on work nights. Some places in ATL make it dang near impossible to use a restroom unless you are a paying customer. Still not accepting the fact that it may be gluten, I kept eating my favorite foods: fried chicken, burgers, fried shrimp and my Kryptonite: Glazed Honey Buns! My appetite can be ridiculous! I crave sugar, bread, fried foods and starch. I've had panic attacks recently including this irritating sensation known as globus, where it feels as though I have a knot jammed in my throat! Other symptoms I have include brain fog, lack of concentration, mood swings, low energy, insomnia, muscle cramps, depression, bloating, and oily stools. Due to this condition, along with the chronic diarrhea, it has become VERY difficult for me to even CONSIDER a career in law enforcement! I have also dropped out of college; since it's difficult to stay in class without having to find the latrine or stay awake. I also remember being diagnosed with asthma back when I was 14. In August 2012, my symptoms have worsened to the point I resigned from my last security job. Since then, I've been anxious, depressed, irritable, and sleepless. The elephant in the room is that since I'm no longer employed, how am I going to be able to afford treatment? I'm going to miss grabbing a pizza or a juicy burger, but lurking around here I found out that people have nearly lost their lives from gluten/celiac contamination, and there ain't a single piece of food worth dying for! Sorry for the novel, but I need advice. How do I go about getting tested? Life is worth living and I wanna live. Thanks for reading. -- Chase