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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Which test do you order from the lab? There are several on their website.
  2. Test Result Thoughts?

    So, how do you explain this… Gluten free pretty much since last Friday. Totally normal bowel movements, two a day, four days in a row. Today, grandpa watched her. I’m giving the baby a bottle in her room while my 8 year old is playing with the 3 year old. I come out and hear the following conversation: 8yo: where did you get an Albertson cookie?! 3yo: downstairs 8yo: THAT’S why you have diarrhea I pop in to the bathroom and say, “What’s going on in here? We don’t have Albertson’s cookies?” 3yo: yes we do, I’ll show you We go downstairs where the 3 year old climbs on top of the garbage can and then reaches into a bag of chocolate chips. Wow. I say, you know you have your own cookies? She says, I couldn’t find them. I said, where was grandpa when you ate this cookie? She says, giving the baby a bottle. So, what are the odds she eats a cookie (or more) at about noon and has diarrhea at 330? I called her pediatrician and will see her next Tuesday. I’m going to ask her about those other blood tests. Anything else I should know? I need to cook dinner so I’ll be back later to go through the posts more.
  3. Test Result Thoughts?

    Holy moly. I am now overwhelmed. Let me give you the whole story... Our daughter is 3 (will be 4 in May). We have battled with digestive issues for as long as I can remember. She had a food allergy panel before she turend 1 that was negative. I thought maybe it was a lactose thing, but even removing that it never really helped. A couple months ago I was frustrated with loose stool issue and took her back to the pediatrician. They did another food allergy panel and some fecal testing. Everything came back normal. Since I'm working full time I didn't realize how bad the situation was. When winter break started (I'm a teacher so I was home) I realized she's pooping 5-8 times a day. And it runs the gammot in consistancy. So, back to the doctor we went. That lead us to her first panel. We got the results on a Thursday night and the nurse told us to go ahead and start a gluten free diet since we were seeing the GI on Monday morning. Friday we start gluten free, except for when lunch she was at daycare. Saturday she poops twice. Sunday she poops twice. NORMAL poops. No upset tummies. Eats like a horse for the first time ever. The GI appointment was a nightmare. She says that the doctor did an old test. It said her IGG is high, but IGA is normal. She says the next step is a biopsy and I ask about doing the genetic test instead. She says that is expensive. My husband says, well how expensive? If money is no object and it's less invasive we want to do that. This got her panties in a bunch. She said, she's been doing biopsies for decades and while there is risk of perforation and bleeding it's never happened. She changes the subject and asks about our daughter's symptoms. She is very quick to say that us going gluten free in this short of time would have no effect. And that it's highly unlikely she has Celiac. So, she has us do an x-ray of her stomach. Uhm, five minutes ago she was gung-ho to do a biopsy? Comes back in and pulls up the x-ray image in five seconds she says she's constipated. I said, okay? She's going 5-8 times a day. I ask if she's constipated then what is causing it? She says that even one episode at young age can cause her to hold it and then not be able to control it? I said, so she's been constipated since she was 1? She says yes. I'm irritated because this sounds like a load of crap. She says she wants to do a CBC and thyroid test so I said how about doing the "new" Celiac panel? So then she says fine and adds in a food allergy panel. Uhm, didn't I JUST say she had one a few months ago? Two in her life already? Whatever, one stick do whatever you want. Then she says we have to give her an enema today and tomorrow and then one next week and she needs to be on Miralax. And that the nurse will be in to explain it. My daughter does not have a constipation issue. The last four days she has been in perfect health. The last four days have been gluten free. I am NOT giving her a enema. I’m just extremely frustrated.
  4. Pediatrician suspected Celiac so she ordered a panel: Anti-gliadin IgA - .21 Range - 0-.9 Anti-gliadin IgG - 3.26 Range – 0 - .9 The nurse from the pediatrician’s office called and said she tested positive and set us up with a pediatric GI. Saw a pediatric GI and these are the test results that posted online tonight. What does this mean? GAMMAGLOBULIN (IGA) IgA 58 22-157 mg/dL TISS TRANSGLUTAMINASE IGG/IGA Transglutaminase IgG 5.0 Range- 0-19.9 U Negative Transglutaminase IgA 4.3 Range - 0-19.9 U Negative