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  1. Hello everyone! I registered here to learn more about Gluten free healthier life. I am married, a mother to a 17 months old toddler and live In Germany. My whole family (husband, son and me), seem to be experiencing symptoms of a gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. I was hoping someone could help me figure this out, so we know what we are dealing with. Summer 2011, I did not know anything about Gluten, nor did I experience obvious problems. But I was dealing with a lot of health issues, mostly autoimmune and hormone related problems (Hashimoto's, Pituitary Tumor and raised Prolactin), but also HPV and pre cervical cancer (CIN3 high grade lesions), and the cells stuck around even after surgery on my cervix pre pregnancy. Anyhow, because I was fed up with health issues, I agreed to try the Paleo Diet, which my husband had researched and I read a lot of good things about the health benefits. I started by cutting out Gluten (which made me feel better but not perfect), but later all grains (so corn and rice too), legumes, dairy, sugars. I was really not eating bad before, on the contrary, I was eating all organic, always home made and abiding to general health rules. Only a few weeks into the Paleo Diet I started improving dramatically. I was not even aware of some problems until they left me...Fatigue, Brain Fog, Joint pain, Hypoglycemia, underweight, constipation, bloating, cramps, pimples. And my official health issues, also went away. I don't have Hashimoto's anymore, my thyroid works normal, I have a few antibodies left but nothing that requires medication anymore, my pituitary tumor shrank down to nothingness, my prolactin is normal, my HPV and cancer are gone without a trace. I am still so shocked about all these sudden improvements, that I hardly ever talk about it. Especially not around my family. I told them I must have some sort of Gluten intolerance too, and they think I am crazy. They try to feed me foods I can't eat and argue about my son's diet. The longer I have been avoiding foods, the more sensitive I seem to be towards them. When I cheated on my diet a year ago, for a special occasion for example, I would just break out a little and maybe have some nausea and brain fog. Now, my body reacts violently, and I will be sick for days. Especially the first day I have a hard time functioning. Even when I accidentally ingest small amounts. Like flour in a seasoning. Almost right away I get nausea, headaches, inflammation like pains in different body parts (mostly my right arm), dizziness, stomach pains, bowel problems, severe brain fog to the point where I feel "drugged" and the next day I have breakouts and lately my hair has been falling out from it too. Like I would suddenly shed a lot of hair and if I stay clean it will stop (I have lost a lot of hair this way). What is weird though, is that I also react to rice, corn, soy, dairy. Although much less. My son will pretty much throws up everything that I can't eat. My family is very interested in "training him to tolerate certain foods", and it has led to him being sick after. It is a really big issue for me, and I have fought more than one argument because of it. My husband started on a Paleo Diet too, but did not stick with it. Prior to changing his diet he had already experienced problems after eating certain foods. Especially allergy like symptoms (runny or stuffy nose and itchy throat, bowel problems). He is still eating partly Paleo but he cheats on his diet often. He will feel sick as well, but not nearly as bad as me. Can someone explain to me what is going on? Was I/ where we Gluten intolerant or Celiac and just never noticed? According to the Paleo Diet grains and Gluten are always bad, for everyone, yet not everyone seems to have reactions as severe as me or my son. So I am thinking we might have always been more sensitive to it.