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  1. Hello, this is my first post on here. I'm about at my wit's end, dealing with these symptoms, and the back and forth in my mind is almost as annoying as the intestinal trouble, so I thought I'd get input from others... Some background first: I'm not fully diagnosed with Celiac, but I strongly STRONGLY suspect it since I have had most of the symptoms and I have siblings riddled with autoimmune diseases (3 siblings with Type I diabetes, one of whom also has thyroid trouble, and a brother who can't eat gluten and isn't yet diagnosed with celiac but we strongly suspect it for him as well since he had the major and minor symptoms associated with it). My GI doctor was not working with me and barely even talked to me and instead stuffed me with meds, saying I had IBS. I never got the chance for an endoscopy (maybe at the end of this year...), even though I requested it to rule out Celiac. He didn't even support me going off gluten, just to see if it would alleviate my intestinal troubles; I had severe symptoms for a quarter of a year (some of which were embarrassing and put a huge damper on ANY out of home activity), was EXTREMELY fatigued (and I've always been a sparkplug), and I lost a lot of weight quickly once I hit my worst (almost 15 pounds in 2-3 weeks). I finally couldn't take it anymore and decided to go gluten free, as we'd done for my brother, because I could no longer do anything except force myself through a day's work (literally FORCE; I had to mentally gather myself while alone in the bathroom several times a day just to plow through) and practically beg for sleep each day. I wanted to see if it'd help. After going completely gluten free, for the first time in MONTHS, I noticed an improvement, and felt so good I was almost beside myself with happiness. I thought I'd found the solution. However, I've still had up and downs which make me really upset, because I start second guessing... But after several weeks now, I'm about 99% certain it's the gluten, since I've had more good days than bad. AND NOW MY INQUIRY! Does anyone (women, of course) have "Celiac symptoms" during their period, even when they haven't ate anything (so they think) with gluten? I'm starting to wonder if that's a common problem, because I'm currently on my period, and am having the same "glutened" side effects (severe bloating, constipation, cramps), and these are NOT my typical menstruating problems! I'd had this before but it was early on in my gluten-free venture, so I thought I was merely healing... I had also second guessed a restaurant choice early on, and thought maybe I'd contracted gluten (although it was made on a dedicated line; the place caters to food allergies), but now I'm wondering if it was only because I was on my period. The only questionable things I've eaten this week were 2 Jolly Ranchers.... I wasn't sure if I can trust them yet, but thought I'd try them out. Bad time to try, since I can't isolate a cause now, but... I suppose I'll see how I feel during my next cycle. Hopefully that all made sense.... Please write if you have "gluten" problems during your cycle!