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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anger, Quick Temper, Depression

    WOW. That inital post, and many after could have been written by me. i love the title Post-Wheat-Syndrome! just last night at a dinner we (hubby) and i were describing my experience with gluten as similar to PMS form hell that lasts for days, even a couple weeks at a time, before improving. Funny thing... same thing happens to him when he eats tomatoes during ragweed season I can`t help you much except to say, isn`t it great knowing we are not alone. I esp. like the fact that after reading some of these i don`t feel like a nut-job anymore. If so many people experience the same thing... it cannot possibly be just in my head can it?
  2. Have I Gone Gluten Crazy?

    I am sure this is what is happening. I (briefly) dated a guy in high school who had an anaphalactic allergy to dairy. Literally, if we kissed soon after I ate dairy he was in BIG trouble. It sounds to me like you are very careful on your own, but if you are THAT sensitive you must be coming in contact with it somewhere. Anything put on our skin hits our bloodstream in 30 seconds. It sounds like it is time for a real heart to heart with her to explain the seriousness of your condition and teach her how to be more cautious for your protection.
  3. I am sorry Ì don`t have much to offer, as I am so new to this ... but May I suggest that along with the great advice i have read, you may be stressing? From what I read, you may be (only speculating here) working yourself up a bit over the possibilities of problems, nervousness about starting college (and all that goes with it), fear of being sick again, fear that you will hav esetbacks by cross contamination... etc... all this could be combining so that you feel overwhelmed by it all. See, your brain and body are intricately linked. I suggest you take it one step at a time, one day at a time, and try to first get in the right frame of mind. Our thoughts and feelings work with or against our bodies. Problems with one lead to problems with the other and so on. In my experience, the best place to start is with our heart. Take a breath. Relax. Exodus 33;14 First, work on letting go of the stress and the fears; then work on the body.
  4. Igg Intolerance Testing?

    I am writing from Canada, so can`t help on Specifics like testing in your country...but I have a suggestion. Have you looked into or considered other causes for your trouble? My husband was fine one day, down 30 lbs and weak and had diarrhea the next.. then fine again for a while and ... repeat. Everything he ate or didn`t eat seemed to give him trouble. After much testing the dr`s found a bacterial infection called H plylori. As soon as it was treated he started to feel like his old self. I am just sugessting, food intolerance may be a SYMPTOM of an underlying issue. have you been tested for bacterial infection, viral infection, parasites, or other possible causes? In my case, the first thing we checked was to make sure i didn`t get hubby`s bacteria, when that came back neg... we began to follow the food intolerance trail.
  5. Actually, thes past couple weeks that has crossed my mind. I realy would like to get to a point of a wheat freeégluten free home... I think that could very well be part of the problem. I have my own butter dish (well, my daughter and i share but she`s gluten free now too) I don`t use a lot of those things anymore anyway,but I was thinking that when i open a new jar i will separate a potion for our use only. My kids aren`t careful, hubby isn`t very careful. We use the same cutting board, dh likes to use the toaster for me for breads, where I (when I ocassionally eat bread that is) prefer to use the sandwhich press which can at least be cleaned. Maybe its time I go shopping and get some gluten free only items?? I have started to feel better this week, my energy is slowly climbing. I have determined chocolate, refined sugar, any carbonated drink; all are very bad for me. I have been drinking mostly water and black coffee. Eating grapefruit, salads (with homemade oil, vinegar based dressings), chicken, beef, veggies. For carbs I have had sweet potato, carrots, some quinoa(also a protein I know), small amounts of oats, and just yesterday brown rice. I feel the bloating is subsiding, but overall water retension still higher than I would like. Due again to bloating and gas, I have avoided legumes, but find green beans troublesome and last night`s cabbage rolls were not such a great idea Also, I have reintroduced exercise to my daily routine, and some supplements (ACV, Flax oil, Iron and Vit D). Thankyou all for you help thus far, there is so much to learn and think about; without being able to talk to others who have been through this, I don`t know where I would be!
  6. I sort of did that... not a FULL elimination, but quite restricted but i suspect not long enough. i was keeping a good food journal for the first few months,but again.. holidays right... life is pretty busy with four kids! I am just about frustrated enough to start over. The fact that I have been awake since 2 30 am is reason enough. I have read so many `elimination diet plans`, and find the advice varies so much it is hard to know where to begin, for how long etc... can you suggest one that has proven helpful?
  7. Sugar And Fruit Problems

    hi Celiac mindwrap, i just want to say, though i am so new at this gluten-free diet and all the fun () that goes with it, i feel your pain. i strongly suspect , though i am only gluten intolerant, that i have been `glutened`many times preparing meals for my hubby and 4 kids (well, three now that i have one dear daugher on a gluten-free diet as well). just a couple weeks ago, i made pizza crust for them, and my hands cracked and bled just from kneading the dough! (imagine! i have been making bread with wheat since i was a kid! and suddenly, four months gluten-free and i am bleeding from touching it!) i too feel the only way i will be safe and healthy is to get IT out of my home altogether...but until then, i live in fear! as for your sugar issue, i suspect i may be sufferring at your side. I feel very bloated, sick, heartburn (like a panic attack kindof pain) after ingesting sugar, esp in the form of milk chocolate. zylitol is a good substitute, if you are using it in small amounts, as it it made form birtch trees and very pricey. i am not familiar with the whole30 program you mention, please enlighten me. meanwhile, i encourage you to stay strong, fight it! your health really is most important right now, and if mama ain`t HEALTHY, ain`t nobody HEALTHY cuz we arent`any good to them lying on the couch moaning in pain are we hugs.
  8. Hi! I am new to this forum. I am looking for advice. My dr completed a Celiac panel (bloodwork)on me back in June. the only test that came back positive (elevated) was my IGg was 13.5. I went gluten free by Sept. 01 of 2012. for the first four weeks, I also went dairy free; at the time, dairy did not appear to be an issue so I have been back on regular amounts of it (maybe more than usual with the holidays and all...) but still very cautious for wheat/gluten. I was tested by endoscopy for celiac, thankfully, at this time,the test was negative. Here`s the thing.. .. I feel right back where I was 6 months ago. Bloated, fat (feeling, i have gained about 10 lbs in the last month!) lethargic (again, too bloated feeling to workout, go to gym). My main symptoms are constipation, bloating, irritability, lack of energy (I am also borderline anaemic), and muscle/joint pain, sleep disturbances, increased anxiety, brain fog. I strongly suspect there is more at play here. Could I also be dairy intolerant? corn? xanthan gum/guar gum intolerant? I am waiting for an appt with the allergist (Feb?) and will go to a homeopath as soon as I can afford it (April,most likely); but in the meantime, where should I start?? I will mention, as well, I eliminated coffee for 5 mths (per dr order), but as I felt no different without it, have taken up the cup again, though, I found I felt ok with it black, but since resorting to the old regular (one milk or cream, one sugar) I feel terrible again. I have determined that sugar (refined) is a bad idea, and I must avoid it whenever possible; but please, help me. I trust there are many who have travelled this road before me who can relate and guide me... I just want to feel like `myself`again. Energetic, motivated, etc. Where would you begin? what would you do first, tomorrow, to begin to feel better or find a cause for this misery? Thankyou in advance to all who read this, and especially, to any who post.