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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am a new member to the Gluten-free lifestyle. My test were inconclusive because I did them a month after this lifestyle change since August 2012. I have no doubts in my mind though that I have Celiac because of some mistakes and horrible reactions in the beginning of this journey. Currently, I am dairy, gluten, corn and egg free which has been difficult but rewarding. I have noticed that most of my symptoms have left, I am no longer fatigued, lethargic, depressed and bloated (which is amazing!). However, over the last three months or so my hair has been thinning drastically and my scalp has been incredibly itchy. I have always had more than enough hair (donated my long locks twice) so having my hair fall out is a huge issue for me. I am seeing a new doctor NEXT MONTH, which is hard when you've been waiting for months for some help. So I am sending this out to you guys... have you experienced this before? What am I doing wrong? Any help you can provide is appreciated.
  2. Did you ever find out? Because I have always used degree and I want to make sure I am safe. I've used makeup and lotions that have had gluten and my skin has been itchy. I don't want my deodorant to have the same effect, even though I haven't really felt any differences.
  3. I've also noticed that corn is a big issue for me as well which only complicated things. I am also allergic to eggs and milk...this list of "what I can't eat" seems to be getting bigger and bigger. I think since corn is so widely used and it replaces wheat as another cheap manufactured grain, or strives systems react. Its quite frustrating!
  4. Been 2 Years And Still Coping

    Udi's makes gluten free pre-made pizza crust. Also, red mill barn brand has a pizza crust flour that's quite good. All of these can be bought online if you don't have any stores that carry them around you. I know its hard, I'm 27 and I go through the same ordeal every time we talk about where to eat. I know right now it may seem silly but every time you eat a slice a pizza or a cookie, you're hurting your body. Its not worth pleasing your friends for days off pain and agony. Also, I've noticed that most college towns have the best alternative, gluten free restaurants. See what's around you before you guys go out next time. Also, most of my friends are starting to love my gluten free food. My roommate loves the red mill barn gluten free pancakes and she eats them more than me! Don't worry, it gets better with time I promise.
  5. Hello everyone! Just to start off, I'm new to celiac disease. I'm about 5months into this new life. So last night we decided last minute to go to Opa Opa in Southampton...Yes, a brewery?! The service was awful, the food mediocre but what got me was the lack of knowledge about celiac. Their menus have a handy little indicator about what's gluten free. Which is nice but it's pointless if you don't understand what gluten free/celiac disease is in the first place. The waitress assured me that the steak fries I ordered with my meal were gluten free. After eating, my party ordered more steak fries. I then asked if she could have them fried in the allergy free, like the ones I ate were cooked. She says "oh those aren't gluten free, we take a regular potatoes and cut them up when you want fries that don't have gluten". At this point, panic sets in as I realize I will spend the next week sick as a dog. She apologizes and takes meals off our bill. Great gesture but the damage is done. Lesson here is to not eat at this restaurant again, my well-being and health are both worth more than that. Hope this helps someone else not make the same mistake...