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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does Dh Have To Blister?

    Thank you guys for the input, it's really helpful.
  2. Is blistering a necessary characteristic in order for it to be considered DH?....before a biopsy either confirms it or not that is. Mine has never blistered.
  3. 2 years ago I looked in the mirror and noticed all my teeth were discolored!! It FREAKED me out! The enamel had vanished, but only halfway....just from the gum to the middle of my tooth. This is on the top and bottom teeth, and then I noticed when I run my tongue along the edge of my 2 top or bottom teeth, I feel where the tooth has actually worn/deteriorated. During this time I was eating gluten but was so sure I was celiac....I was having terrible gastro problems at this time also....I was not digesting any feed it seemed...sorry to be gross, but the food pretty much came out as whole as it went in. I was guessing the damage to my teeth was from this prolonged period of gastro issues and not absorbing nutrients. I still have not been diagnosed, no insurance, but 6 years now I've had symptoms. I'm 40 btw and never had trouble with my teeth until my celiac symptoms started 4 years prior.
  4. Pictures Of Mine

    Several weeks ago when my flares were really bad, the edges of my tattoo were raised also...it's 3 years old.
  5. Could This Be Dh?

    And this is mild! I'm searching for a derm with experience with DH...I'm having a difficult time.
  6. Could This Be Dh?

    2 Photos from last night/this morning flare http://s1285.beta.photobucket.com/user/JShad3/media/IMAG0353_zpsec183840.jpg.html http://s1285.beta.photobucket.com/user/JShad3/media/IMAG0354_zps1666d787.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  7. Hello From Greenville, Sc

    Hello! And Welcome! I too live in Greenville and have been DESPERATELY looking for folks to link up with! Your story sounds exactly exactly like mine!! I have not been diagnosed, but have had my suspicions for years. The symptoms and complications seem to be getting worse each time I go off gluten for a time, then go back. I am really hoping to connect with some people that already know of some good docs in the area that are educated and knowledgeable about celiac disease...my experience is that they all just want to tell you, you have IBS or something...and they don't want to listen. I hope you check back soon!
  8. Could This Be Dh?

    Thank you guys so much for the input! Now I just need to find the right Dermatologist that will hopefully listen to me.
  9. Could This Be Dh?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have never been diagnosed as celiac or gluten intolerant, but for the past 6 years, I've come to my own conclusion that there is a good possibility I am. I do not have insurance, so going to the doc for multiple tests isn't an option. It took about 4 years for me to determine gluten may be the cause of the health issues I've been having. The first time I ever went gluten-free, and I say first time because I've gone on and off several times over these last 2 years, but the first time I took it out of my diet, I was a new person! But without an "official" diagnosis, I find myself around holidays or birthdays, talking myself out of it, thinking maybe it's all just in my head. I've had gastrointestinal symptoms for the full 6 years, hair loss, even tooth enamel loss! Muscle weakness and soreness, etc., etc., etc...I'm sure the roller-coaster of going from a gluten-free diet back to eating gluten, only makes matters worse. So after being gluten-free for some time, again, I decided to be in denial 6 weeks ago, right before Christmas, and start eating gluten again! Well now for the same amount of time, I have developed this insane "rash" that won't go away! After living on benadryl for 4 weeks, I had to cave and pay to see the doc, the itching was making me lose my mind! The flares were severe, sometimes painful, and very widespread...always bilateral too...well, of course she didn't know what it was...sent me on my way with a treatment cycle of prednisone and zyrtec to take nightly...for...ever, I guess! That was 2 weeks ago. The rash remains, I have not had one rash free day, but the meds have lessened the severity and frequency of these flares....but since finishing the prednisone, it comes back a little more and a little stronger each day. I am still eating gluten currently, thinking maybe I should see if I can get this biopsied and checked for DH...and this way I would know for sure whether I'm celiac or not. I have just read that a biopsy positive for DH, automatically confirms a celiac diagnosis...which is a lot cheaper that a colonoscopy! I've attached a few pics, this is very very mild and really doesn't give an accurate picture of how severe this has been....but I thought it would be worth a shot and see what others have to say. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks:D http://s1285.beta.ph...html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1285.beta.ph...html?sort=3&o=2 http://s1285.beta.ph...html?sort=3&o=0