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  1. Hi, I've just signed up to this website because hopefully someone here can interpret my results from my genetic test! Basically this is the result, which makes very little sense to me unfortunately! HLA DQ2 Alleles DQA1 *05 Positive DQB1 *02 Positive HLA DQ8 Alleles DQB1 *0302 Positive My GP decided that it wasn't necessary to do the stomach lining biopsy because I have been living gluten free for the last couple of years believing I simply had an intolerance to gluten, and for the biopsy results to be accurate I would have to be consuming gluten - which for me would be a nightmare of eczema and stomach cramps. However these results are apparently a very strong indicator for celiac disease, is this what people here have found? How likely is it that I am in fact celiac, or could I still be simply intolerant? Thank you in advance. El