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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have Celiac disease but was never FULLY sure until now due to the fact I never had a complete panel (but since eating something with gluten after 1.5 years I've been sick). I had been trying to figure out my 3 month old son's allergies since birth. I've come to the conclusion that he is allergic to dairy, gluten, and soy. Previously when I had dairy he would be congested, mucousy stools, trouble sleeping,etc. But I still was not positive that was the offending food. Last Saturday for dinner I ate a milk shake and breaded chicken. Immediately the next day he had mucousy stools, projectile vomiting (which he never did).He has quit taking naps, screams in pain randomly, etc. He no longer vomits now, but now has diarrhea, bloating, a pimple like rash similar to my gluten one, and a low grade 99.9 fever. I am very concerned. His pediatrician didn't seem too worried sense his fever isn't high enough. She said it could either be a bug or allergies. It seems like such a coincidence for it to be a virus. Does any one else's child have similar symptoms including the fever with gluten? And does anyone know how effective genetic testing for Celiac would be for him?
  2. I'm beginning to think my son has a gluten allergy. He now has many of my symptoms. I called the pediatrician but they told just to watch his temperature. Can food allergies cause a low grade fever?
  3. Yes it was chick fil a's breaded chicken salad. Which was stupid I realize now, I have other symptoms as well...but at least now I have no doubt in my mind that I have a problem with gluten.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement! This wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't eaten dairy the same day...two miserable people...I should have known better
  5. I have been off gluten 1.5 years. But lately and really always because I was sloppily diagnosed I wondered if I really had celiac. I ate breaded chicken a week ago and then a couple days after that. Now I feel awful and can rest assured that I have Celiac. My stomach hurts, I'm exhausted, brain fog, gas, spots on my arms, and my stomach hurts. I'm nursing my very allergic to dairy 3 month old son. How long until I feel better and is there anything I can do to speed up recovery? I don't remember my symptoms this intense when I used to eat gluten...
  6. Feeling Depressed

    I will look at that. Thanks!
  7. Feeling Depressed

    I love pastries, muffins, and spicy foods. I don't eat pastries anymore as I haven't had much success making them.
  8. I am five weeks pregnant. I can't have gluten or dairy. I watch other people eat wonderful food, while I eat my coconut ice cream and cheese-less sandwiches. I only eat organic and I am super careful. But sometimes, and obviously even before I just want to give in, I won't but I want to. My favorite foods I make are my spicy chicken oven kabobs, diaya cheese gluten free chicken pizza, and burritos. Everything else seems bland and bla to me lately. Does anyone have any idea on a tasty recipe, something different and good? Please help!!!!!!
  9. But yes my soap, shampoo, makeup everything is gluten and dairy free...but like I said there always that occasional oops moment (and yet I seem to be okay), but I wouldn't reccommend the risk
  10. It depends really on how bad she is. I am not super careful myself, in the way that when I cook I am sure that there is occasional cross contamination. While, my symptoms are miserable night sweats, severe fatigue, bloating, nausea etc. The occasion cross contamination does not affect me, however that is different from individual to individual.
  11. I sleep walk almost every night. My husband says I even walk around the room randomly and (I have noticed this too myself) I walk to the bathroom and go to the bathroom in my sleep. And I talk a lot... Could this be related to celiac or dairy intolerances? (As I said in earlier posts I tend to flip flop on going off dairy. I go back and forth, I went back on it and then I got irritable and bloated, waited another two weeks went back on it and my face exploded in acne within 4 hours yesterday) Is sleep walking related and can you stop it? As I am very concerned, as I am trying to get pregnant and do not want to harm myself or a baby. Has anyone seen any relation to nutrition?
  12. Casein Problems

    I have a hard time telling the difference. I have been waffling for several week on whether I am or not. I thought is made an improvement but then the day I had dairy might have just been a icky PMS day or something. I have been off gluten for four months now and all my symptoms have gone away except for hormonal bloating (I am assuming) and sudden flared up acne after being off gluten for 2 months. Maybe a need to wait longer than four months before messing with other food allergies.
  13. I am also slightly allergic to yeast according to my poke allergy test.
  14. I went on a two week trial of absolutely no dairy. I had some kettle corn with butter on it and I had a bad reaction that next day, i.e. my acne returned, extra bloating, and very irritable I love cheese... Does anyone have experience with raw dairy milk and raw cheese? And do you have a reaction to that? Also, if so, has anyone tried sheep or goat milk/cheese? Have you had a reaction to that?
  15. What about covering my side with foil?