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  1. When your night goes so late that only mcd's breaky is available 💔

  2. I didn't have strong reactions at first, I might get a little bloated if I ate quite a bit (at first I used to cheat here and there), but over the last year and a half I stopped cheating and every time I've been accidentally glutened since, it's been about 10x worse then the last time. It's strange how much it increased for me, especially since I was pretty well asymptomatic at first. Now if I get glutened I'm very sick for a week (bloating, nausea, fatigue etc...) and it's been a month and a half since my last gluten instance and I'm still feeling it unfortunately. It also seemed to have knocked out my immune system too, as I am normally very healthy but have been sick with either the flu or a cold since then.