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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My dd is 3 and I don't know if she has celiac disease or gluten intolerance. She has a lot of GI and behavioral problems and So we are trying out gluten-free diet to see if there is any improvement. One thing I noticed in the past when dd was eating gluten is that her poop would stick to the toilet. It didn't float really (which I had read was a symptom of celiac disease) but it didn't flush well. It would need 2-3 flushes. Now that she is on gluten-free diet and probiotics everything flushes down with ease. I don't know what has caused the change. Hs anyone ever dealt with this? Any ideas what this means? Thanks!
  2. thank you that helps a lot. 6 months is a long time. Did your doc say why it takes so long to improve? Did he give you a plan for how and when to reduce the miralax?
  3. DD is on day 8 of a gluten free diet. SO far I have seen a great improvement in her behavior. Far fewer tantrums and when she does have them they are of a lesser intensity than before. I have not seen a difference in her constipation however and am starting to wonder if gluten is our problem. Can anyone share how long it took your child's constipation to improve. Thanks!
  4. My 9 month old spits up sometimes. SOme days more than others. I was wondering if its even possible for gluten to cause her to spit up within an hour of eating it? WOuld it take longer? How long did it take to see symptoms in your child after he/she ate gluten containing foods? My 3 year old has gone gluten free and I want to give her gluten at some point to see if she reacts but am not sure when symptoms would appear. Minutes, hours, days, later? What's has your experience been? Thank you!
  5. We are on day 6 of a gluten-free diet. On day 4 I noticed a big improvement in dd's behavior. No big tantrums and she less easily frustrated. Even DH has noticed. I can't really believe what I am seeing and still hesitate to say it is because of the diet change. I will just have to wait and see. The only thing is so far I haven't noticed any changes in the constipation or reflux issues. could these still improve? Did anyone else notice behavioral changes before digestive changes? Thanks
  6. Hi, My dd has had reflux since she was a baby. She is 3.5 and still has it although it has gotten a little better over time. She was FTT as an infant and colicky. I breastfed her. When I stopped BF around 13/14 months and she drank pediasure (for weight gain) she gained a lot of weight. Went from 3rd% to 30% in less than a year. SHe did not eat many solids. When she did it was mostly cheese and meat. I would joke that she was on the atkins diet. Around 2 she began to eat a wider variety of things and not just meat and dairy. I was pleased that she was suddenly more interested in food but with increased intake came chronic constipation. Around this time she also became low toned. She was not before then. Its not profound. SHe walks, run, hops, etc but I notice it. Especially in fine motor skills. She does not have any delays. SHe has many GI problems. -Constipation -reflux -occasional vomiting (started happening around 2/2.5) -foul gas (improved with probiotic) -severe tantrums -stomach pain I dont notice a worsening of symptoms when she eats anything in particular. She was tested for celiacs at 9 months and tests were negative. She had low vitamin D and low IGF1at 9 months. Not sure if those are related. Family history- Father has low appetite, very thin, foul gas (sorry DH) very low vitamin D and low B12 Aunt has IBS Grandfather has hyperthyroidism I dont know what to do. Any suggestions appreciated. Our GI doc has nothing to offer us. Thank you