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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone Have Dh Flare Up From Tylenol Pm?!

    I found this same website FAQ when I was doing my research. I have found several other DH sufferer comments on forums about highly chlorinated pools triggering a DH outbreak. Personally, I have tested this theory twice and both times it was very apparent that chlorine without a doubt causes a flare up. Although, there isn't any peer reviewed reseach on the subject, the only evidence is personal testimonies.
  2. Shampoos Detergents And Soap

    Whew, this is quite a debate on here about using gluten-free skin products! I can absolutely ONLY use gluten-free lotions. If not, it's a nightmare. Knowing that makes me use gluten-free body wash just to be safe. I'm probably being overly paranoid but holy smokes it is so worth it in order to avoid a flare up! I get gluten-free body care products from Whole Foods. I buy the "Ëveryone" brand (it's cheap and lasts a long time). I just use regular shampoos and other stuff though without any problems. Random, but one thing I have tried lately that REALLY soothes the itchies is straight organic Coconut Oil. I'm sure everyone on here already knows that but I'm a newbie and no DH peeps ever told me to try coconut oil so I want to pass that along in hopes I can help someone out! Also, I add apple cider vinegar to my bath when I sense a flare up coming on. It helps too Brandiecane
  3. Anyone Have Dh Flare Up From Tylenol Pm?!

    Thanks for replying! I stopped taking the Tylenol PM. I'm definitely going to ask about something else to help me sleep. I stumbled on the chlorine info a while back. The research said that heavily chlorinated pools can cause DH flare ups- and is sometimes linked to causing the onset DH symptoms. I thought this was very interesting bc DH first presented itself when I was 25 after a long day at the pool. I went first thing in the morning to get some sun and I remember thinking the pool had just been treated bc the chlorine smell was very strong. Later that day I had my first DH outbreak. Of course I was misdiagnosed for two freakin' years but finally I have it mostly under control. That summer was when I started drinking beer too. Prior to that I only drank wine and girly drinks. I often wonder if the increase of gluten from the beer was also a culprit. I never had any other indications that gluten was a problem for me. I've been Gluten-Free now for over a year. I hate that I can't ever be completely cured. It's really frustrating. Anyway, I've tried the chlorine theory twice and both times I had a flare up :/ One more thing I have to avoid. It is so great to be on this forum and read other people's stories and struggles of the same condition. I haven't met anyone with DH and I find that explaining it to people is useless bc no one can relate.
  4. DH Photo Bank

    Oh my goodnees, I am so thankful you posted this. That is exactly how mine looked before I went gluten-free. I struggled with DH for so long before I finally went gluten-free and saw results. I was misdiagnosed several times by multiple doctors and I wish I would have seen this forum months ago! Do you notice any flare ups from Chlorine or Tylenol? I got in a chlorine pool this summer and had a terrible flare up. I even had to get a chlorine filter on my shower head. Lately, I have been taking Tylenol PM and am experiencing a flare up. That's the only thing I can really think of that would cause a flare up. Have you experienced exacerbations from Tylenol?
  5. Pictures Of Mine

    That's kinda how mine looks but only if I have a minor flare up. In my experience, DH is most easily identified by the way it feels. It is so insanely uncomfortable- pure torture- literally makes you consider suicide when it is undiagnosed for SO long. When I finally decided to go gluten free it took several weeks to see a huge improvement and about 6 months to completely "heal". I still get flare ups here and there, likely from cross contamination, but gluten free is the only cure (in my experience). Try to stick it out for longer than a month and be super super strict. Going gluten free can help with TONS of different skin conditions anyway so it is worth it to try.
  6. Hi everyone, I am brand new to this forum. I joined because I am freaking out about a DH flare up and I do not know what the heck is causing it! I am very meticulous about avoiding gluten. I only use gluten-free lotion, shampoo, everything! I am 8 months pregnant and all of a sudden am having a terrible DH flare up on my legs (which is usually where it happens). I have been having back pain and trouble sleeping bc of the pregnancy and my doc suggested I take Tylenol pm every night to help me sleep. I have read that NSAIDs aggravate DH, but I thought tylenol was safe for DH. Does anyone else have this problem!? Is this normal?! I don't know what else it could be. Please help! -Itchypregosaurus!