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  1. I just joined today so I could quickly tell my story and get your advice. (and THANK YOU for your advice, I need it) I am a 27 year old male. When I was 19-21 I lived in Mexico as a missionary and was sick nearly half the time. (most of us american boys were!) that coupled with stress, home sickness, stress, and stress, made life very different when I got back. At first I was fine, but I think about a year later or two later I started noticing I got sick anytime I ate what I later learned was "gluten." I also became lactose intolerant. When I ate gluten I would essentially feel like hell for 24 hours, until I woke up the next day. As long as I didn't do that again I was fine. Life as been a little stressful over the years because I never had the discipline to kick the gluten habit. So once or so a week I would feel like crap because I would eat the forbidden food. I should also mention that when I got tested a few years back the doctors said I was fine and really seemed to brush me off. It was very stressful because I felt my family and doctors simply didn't believe me. I am reaching out to this forum because something strange (but amazing) has happened in these past few months. I can eat whatever the heck I want and nothing bad happens! Heck, I seem to have a stronger stomach the the average person for anything. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel as healthy when I'm eating all these breads as my diet before, but I feel great. WHAT HAPPENED? What in the world is going on. Is this some type of temporary trick of the body to get me all excited and then BAM! back to my old life? Have you ever heard of people getting over their intolerance to gluten. Again keep in mind I was never officially diagnosed with anything, but there is no question for the past 5-7 years I have had a gluten intolerance, and now for the past 4 months I seem to be perfectly fine. Bad news is I have gained about 15 pounds for all my pizza runs in the past months, making up for lost time! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your help sincerely, Cameron