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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does Anyone Else Experience This?

    Me too!! I definitely need a bubble!! Been tested, and mine is gluten related! I've had to cut back on body washes and hair care products. I'm still learning...
  2. Gluten Binges... Help

    I have noticed that when I drink water/crystal light - I am less likely to binge eat!! Thanks for the advice Lady Eowyn!!
  3. I had a similar issue with shampoo and body wash! I had been getting a slight rash for awhile, but didn't think anything about it! It wasn't until after I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in early January and I cut out all gluten that the reactions got worse. I got out of the shower one Sunday afternoon and was completely covered in red splotches!! I immediately bought new shampoo (Garnier Fructis) and body wash (Dove). I completely understand how you felt. I have had issues with lotions and makeup as well and I am still figuring things out. It's gonna be trial and error for a while. I do hope you are feeling better!!
  4. I am a newly diagnosed Celiac - diagnosed in early January of this year. I went almost two weeks without getting glutened. When it did happen I had lots f sneezing, scratchy throat, bloating, horrible gas, and uncontrollable diarrhea. It took me a few day for me to figure out what caused the reaction. I found out through a friend that it was Miracle Whip - the modified food starch is what got me.
  5. I got "glutened" today at work. I have been gluten-free since Jan. 3. I needed a fork for my lunch, and went to the cafeteria to get one. 15 minutes after eating, I had horrific diarrhea - and was in the bathroom for 15 minutes. The only thing I can think of, is the students touch as many forks as they can before they ever pick one. No more cafeteria forks for me!!
  6. My dad said he will get tested and I told my sister to get tested. Once she gets her results back, I will talk to her about it. I do feel bad for not believing her, but she does have a track record for making things up. I hope she gets tested and then we will know the answer. Thanks all for your comments!! Very helpful!!
  7. My parents used to call me a hypochondriac - saying I was making everything up!! Now that I know it is Celiac - I feel so much better!!
  8. Pictures Of Mine

    Mine is more like a rash and is splotchy and slightly raised. It looks like eczema and sometimes itches. The worst it has ever been was when I reacted to a body wash Andy body was covered in it!! My arms also turn bright red when I get "glutened." My face and neck turn bright red instantly!! I get red itchy bumps along my jaw line... It's crazy how our bodies react to things!!!
  9. Thank you alesusy!! I like your advice!! I'll definitely speak to her about getting tested!!
  10. My sister (who is a hypochondriac) has now decided that she too has Celiac. She refuses to get tested, complains all the time about how she feels, and asks me about my symptoms. I have had to stop talking to her, because she doesn't get it. She thinks Celiac is something fun??!! She thinks she will get special attention if she has it??!! I told her all the scary stuff my doctors shared with me. I told her it wasn't a game. She has pulled this prank before - when my mother had breast cancer and when my baby sister was in a near fatal accident. It's more annoying than anything else. She thinks it is a game. I would NEVER wish Celiac on anyone!! So frustrated!!!
  11. When I was 17 I was diagnosed with an over abundance of h-Pylori in my system. I was super sick, throwing up, lost a ton of weight, diarrhea, horrible reflux... After being medicated, I still felt like crap. But no doctor was able to truly pinpoint what the issues were. My parents never believed me when I told them I didn't feel well. I am now 32. I had issues with eating and then passing out!! My mood would change after eating a slice of cake!! Over this past holiday break, I became very sick, horrific bloating (a lady at a party asked me when my baby was due), I was stuck in the bathroom for 25 minutes - my friends came looking for me and were immediately hit with the smell that was coming from my diarrhea... it was utterly embarrassing. It was at that point I decided to go back to the doctor. My doctor originally was going to treat me for IBS, but she stopped and asked me a few more questions about how I was feeling, and she said she was going to test me for Celiac. At that time I had only heard a coworker mention that she had recently been diagnosed with it and that was all I knew about it. A week later I got a phone call... I tested positive for Celiac - I was told to eat gluten-free and to not stray from that diet. She immediately had a local GI office contact me and they set up an appointment for me - but FAILED to tell me to eat a Gluten-Rich diet. So the day before my appointment the nurse calls me and asks if I had been eating a G-Rich diet and I said NO. She then told me to eat anything and everything I could with Gluten in it, but no food after midnight. I was miserable!! I broke out all over my body, my coworkers and my students were concerned about me, I kept having to make a mad dash for the bathroom, my mood changed instantly, I was bright red all day. I felt like I was going to vomit, I didn't sleep at all, my joints ached, my hips hurt, and I literally felt like I had been hit by a bus!!! I make it to my GI appointment and the doctor sits me down and starts talking to me. The first question he asked me was if I had ever been diagnosed with h-Pylori. I explained that I had when I was 17. He said that was when my Celiac first started to appear. So for 15 years I was miserable, thinking that What I was feeling was normal and it was Celiac the entire time... And he said yes. He said he knew I had it, and he wasn't going to waste my time or my money by doing the scope. He did tell me about higher risks of Osteoporosis and bone loss, lymphoma, and intestinal carcinoma. He said to call him if I had anymore questions or if I started feeling bad. 15 years of feeling horrible!! I'm just glad to know what it is and even happier to be feeling better!!