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  1. I'll have to talk to my uncle, I'll be seeing him in the next week so I'll find out.
  2. Hi all, This amazing forum helped me diagnos myself (or at least help me put my doctor on the right track) I'm lucky enough to have my doctor be my uncle (so he actually listens to me and he's very open to my opinion and trying nearlly anything to get my skin under control) and finally after a year I had a blood test done and came back wheat intolerant (found out three months ago) so far he has me on an antibiotic for possible infection under my skin, I'm also on a wheat/dairy/fish free diet (blood test came back intolerant to all three) and so far it's certainly healing but recently I've started to question certain symptoms on my skin that are making the healing difficult. The first and most confusing (haven't been able to find anything on it) are these varying in size (from a pimple to an inflamed mosquito/flea bite) lumps I get under my skin, they're close enough to the surface to see the lumps but when I squeeze them nothing really comes out they're also painless - just really itchy. Sometimes they leak a fair bit of clear fluid, sometimes it's just blood (if I squeeze the blood blotches around the lump on my skin and takes a day or so to fade) one guess was that my skin tissue is becoming inflamed because when I squeeze these lumps they make a popping noise under the skin (it's quite loud as well) which I assumed was the sound of tearing my skin tissue. They're situated almost everywhere on my body, but they cluster on the back side of my thighs, buttocks, tailbone/slighty above the buttocks, mid to lower back, shoulders and just above my belly button. The ones that are worrying me however are defieantly the ones on my buttocks, thighs, tailbone and sides of thighs and belly because they itch ALL THE TIME where as the rest of my body only tends to itch on occasion. Since they itch so much I end up scratching them off, making the skin in the area leak clear fluid (really wet) and leaving red "holes" that scab/bleed/itch even more, I'm confused because I haven't been able to find a close enough description of these symtoms anywhere - please help me identify what's wrong. (I'm thinking of asking my uncle/doctor to put me on dapsone?) Thanks.