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  1. Hi there, my now 4 year old was diagnosed at 18 months with Celiac Disease via blood test and vast improvement on a gluten-free diet. He was so sick and malnourished that his doctor advised us not to wait a moment and take him off gluten immediately. Fast forward 3 years and we are now testing our other children as well. My 3 year old has been tiny since birth (she was 34 weeks gestation), she was small but grew just fine. She was still in the 5th percentile for weight until about 2-2/12 years old. She is still thin but closer to average weight. She's has had problems with constipation since starting solid foods. Our whole family eats gluten-free at home, and she has only been eating gluten on a regular basis 1-2 times per week for about 6 months or so. I have now been giving her gluten about everyday for almost 1 month. Over the last couple weeks we have noticed that she is more tired, cranky and has really dark circles around her eyes. She also has had some diarrhea, with lighter stools and really strong chemically smell that we had with her brother. We thought that since she has been getting some gluten and then gluten everyday that she would have enough for an accurate blood test. Most of her tests are within a normal range but I'm still having a hard time making sense of it all. The doctor that one test was high but not sure which one she is referring to. Her doctor wants us to put her on full gluten-free diet and then reevaluate in a month. A part of me wants to keep her on gluten for a few more weeks and retest. Just like any parent, I just want what's best for her. Thank you!
  2. My now 3 year old son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at 18 months after having problems maintaining his weight. I actually asked his pediatrician to run the blood test on him after reading all the symptoms on line. All his levels were normal except his TTG was was point over normal. Anything 4 and over was considered abnormal per the test and his was 5. Because he was only a year old we decided not to do the biopsy and just went gluten free. Since going gluten free he has grown right on track but he also stopped being such a picky eater. He's had some loose stools here and there and we thought he was being glutenized but he's been fine in that department for a while now. Then 2 days ago he ate half of a regular gluten filled hamburger bun. No obvious reaction what so ever. This has now happened 2 in the last couple of months. Ate something with gluten and did not have a reaction. I don't know what to think.
  3. We were at a playdate once and he found a piece of pizza from my friend's daughter's lunch, and he took a bite. BAD poop with in 30 mins, diarrhea the very next morning and horrible horrible mood. Symptoms lasted about a week and a half, that time. This time around is very different, more mood issues, less bowel issues it seems. He also seems to be running a little warm too. Not sure if that is connected. It's becoming very clear that we cannot take our son anywhere. Raising a gluten-free toddler in a non-gluten-free world is challenging. I love him being my little guy but on the other hand I can't wait for him to be a bit older and have an understanding of his eating restrictions.
  4. We were at my sister in law's house Sunday night when my son found a Ritz cracker on the floor and of course shoved it in his mouth. He didn't have diarrhea, which is is usual "glutenized" sign, in fact he didn't have a bm at all yesterday. He was violent, hostile and kinda spacey all day though. Can anyone relate to that after gluten exposure? Today he doesn't have the big D but his poop has that awful chemically smell that clears out your sinuses and he still seems a little off. He's 2 don't get me wrong, he throws stuff, screams and well...acts 2 but not like this usually. Can your symptoms of gluten exposure vary? Thanks! He was diagnosed via blood test and improvement on a gluten free diet (Oct 2012/19 month old) by his pediatrician.
  5. Thanks so much for the responses everyone! I gave him some space to decide on his own, and he has his biopsy tomorrow. He also told me recently that he has decided to go gluten-free after he gets his formal diagnosis.
  6. My 2 year old son was diagnosed with Celiac last October, his pediatrician recommended that our immediate family gets tested and that we encourage our extended family as well since it runs in families. We've been tested and all my siblings and my mom (dad is working on it) have been tested and my brother tested positive on one test. I don't know what test it was but one out of five was out of range. He said the base line was 22 and his number was 58. I said he needed to see a GI doc and to keep eating gluten. He called me specifically and seemed on board with the whole possible Celiac idea. That was a month ago. He has tons of the symptoms, gastric issues, headaches, anxiety, edema, short stature as a child and more. Then all of a sudden if you bring it up he gets defensive and changes the subject. He won't respond to my messages about it now and I haven't been pushy at the least. My brother is pretty lazy when it comes to taking care of himself and doesn't take well to change, he eats an awful diet, and basically his idea of vegetables is lettuce on his cheeseburger and olives on his pizza. I'm really scared for him. About 2 years ago his doctor told him he is pre-diabetic, he's severely overweight and now possibly celiac disease. He's only 34 but I worry that he won't be around in 10 or 20 years. What information should I give to him to let him know how serious untreated Celiac is? I want to be able to throw hard core facts at him. Thanks for any info or advice you may have.
  7. Yesterday morning my 2 year old woke up with a horrible rash on his lower back. He was pretty fussy and also woke up 2 or 3 times that night crying for me which is abnormal. The only thing I can think of is I gave him and his sister a shower the night before and used my conditioner on my daughter. He was on the other side of the shower but while rinsing it out her hair he moved over and it got on him. I check the bottle and sure enough it has wheat in it. It seems to really itch and be bothersome. He has a few dots on his tummy too. The only other time that I can remember him having a similar rash is when I used sunscreen on him a few weeks ago. The next day he woke up with a rash but it went away on it's own a few days later. I did not see any gluten ingredients on the packaging, but we tossed it just in case and I did the same with my conditioner. It is a possibility that the conditioner caused this? Does it even look like a rash having to do with Celiac? Thanks! Here's a link to a photobucket album with pics. http://s1277.photobucket.com/user/jmr1450/library/Rash%206-2-13?sort=3&page=1
  8. I just changed my son's diaper, it smells awful and almost knocked me over when I opened his bedroom door this morning. The think that is so strange is that it's covered in mucus and I mean copious amounts. I've never seen anything like it. He was diagnosed with Celiac 6 months ago and has been gluten-free ever since. Any idea what could have caused it? Or is this normal? The only place we went yesterday was church and the nursery is gluten free but I guess if he was out of my sight it's possible for him to have been exposed to gulten. I have 3 kids and changed thousands of diapers and never seen that much mucus in a child's stool.
  9. Thank you kareng!! Hose-offable furniture....hmmm....
  10. Wow, I really didn't mean for that to sound defensive. I had a REALLY rough morning with the kids today!
  11. I'm careful but I'm certainly realistic about keeping my son safe from gluten. I'm not freaking at all. We don't eat out, have a grandma's house near by to go to, nor do we keep playdough in the house. I'm not trying to come up with something to worry about. My husband and I actually watched him magically pull a binkie out of the couch (I thought they were all in the kitchen) and stick it in his mouth yesterday evening. Today, he's already pooped 3 times and it's only 8:30am and he is terribly fussy. Maybe it's just coincidence I don't know, maybe this is his normal but my child having diarrhea and a bright red bum is not ok with me. I think I'm picking up a slip cover today. Oh and what got me thinking about the whole couch thing is because he has been glutened somehow several times over the last month and I have no idea how. I found some toys and a binkie in the cough the other day and they were covered in crumbs.
  12. I think i need to do something, I just felt the fabric that covers the springs and it's covered in a microscopic crumb dust even though I've vacuumed it several times since then. I do think about selling my kids but for different reasons! I'll look into the slip cover thing and or cleaning it (just did 2 months ago), or our couches are still in good condition but are 8 years old so I might be able to sweet talk the hubs into a new one. Edit to add: Not sure if I should just take the money for cleaning and a slip cover and put it toward new couch or not. What would you do? Am I being paranoid?
  13. He was also in a completely different room while we did it, and we made sure to clean up very carefully, cleaned the floor and vacuumed the couch the best we could.
  14. I didn't elaborate enough. Since he was diagnosed 5 months ago we haven't let anything thing with gluten enter our house, unless by a rookie mistake. We all eat gluten-free at home, all the kids eat the same gluten-free snacks. The cheerios and goldfish crackers could have been 3 years old. They were really deep in there! We cleaned out every single thing in the craves (there is a space were you can stick your hand in between the springs and the back & arms of the couch) so he could not have found a rough cheerio.