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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Good afternoon, I've tried searching Google but it is not as much help as I know you guys will be. I was diagnosed Celiac in Jan, and I have been gluten-free ever since. I feel wonderful! Big difference! The problem the past few months is every time I eat whole kernel corn, I get gluten-like symptoms. It is taking me almost a week to digest it. I do not notice any problems with corn products, however. Just corn itself. Is this normal? I am afraid that eventually I will have a full blown corn intolerance, and as you can imagine, I do not want this to happen. It really is in everything. I am hoping maybe since I am newly diagnosed, it is just having a hard time moving through my damaged intestines. Wishful thinking? Has this happened to anybody else? Thanks in advance!
  2. Apps For Gluten-Free Restaurants

    I always use Find Me gluten-free and give it the 24hr wait before giving my review on whether it made me sick or not. That app has been a lifesaver on vacations!
  3. Pf Changs - Gluten Or Other Ingredient

    The pf in downtown Dallas made me sick last weekend. It was my first time eating there. My husband even ordered his meal gluten-free too so we could share. I'm sure Ill try again in the future.
  4. 'dedicated' Fast Food Fryers

    I eat Chick fil a fries about once a week. Ha! They also have grilled nuggets and their sauces are gluten-free. My local CFA is very aware and I am even able to order at the drive thru.
  5. Thank you for sharing!!! I have been meaning to check that out! Perfect for this Texas heat that is about to hit.
  6. Mostly, I miss the convenience of the food. Not necessarily the food itself. Although, I would do almost anything for a Papa Johns pizza!
  7. Everything I read on it was pretty old. I thought it would be a decent debate but you pretty much covered everything.
  8. Their website says gluten-free to 5ppm. Would you try it?
  9. I'm a huge fan of Kind bars. I was going to suggest that, but I see you're all stocked! I keep them in my purse, and they're surprisingly filling in a pinch. The cranberry one is my favorite. Another website for cooking at home that I have found very helpful is gfoverflow.com Good Luck!
  10. Those damn delicious cadbury eggs! I ate 2 minis and 2hrs later comes the sweating, chills, horrible cramps, D, nausea, headache, exhaustion and the list could go on! What was I thinking? What do you do to handle the aftermath? I was diagnosed Celiac just 10 weeks ago, but I still can't believe I was so careless. It is a reminder to be so careful, that's for sure. I wish there were some kind of miracle pill for this!
  11. Living Normally While Battling Celiac Is Like:

    I am newly diagnosed and completely disagree. I felt really defeated those first few weeks but now I feel great! I refuse to let the things I cannot eat run my life. Hang in there, OP.
  12. Recovering From Celiac

    Oh my goodness, I know! I was diagnosed at the first of the year and I'm still amazed at how fantastic I feel!
  13. Udi makes a delicious Granola. I've been eating it in my yogurt a few times a week with no problem. Its also dairy, soy, and egg free.
  14. I'm thinking of drinking some a few times a week with orange juice for a few months. It couldn't hurt. Thanks.
  15. I have only recently gone gluten-free after a Celiac diagnosis. A family friend, who is a father of 2 teenage boys with Celiac, recommended I drink Aloe Vera juice for a few weeks to help me heal. Have any of you heard of this?