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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. thank you again for all the replies, especially from winwarp and csw putting the boys on a gluten free diet is out of the question, their diet is so very limited as it is, so messing around with those foods they DO eat, would not be a good idea we have discussed the varies diet "fads" that surface at length with their paed. psychiatrist in the past and we concluded with him and our dietician, that the benefits are far too anecdotal to put any serious weight on them. i am still undecided as to how we are going to move forward... personally i feel that it is too much for me to handle, i could not forgive myself if my husband got sick because of my inability to keep his food/environment clean. we will have a few weeks before he gets the results, one of the few drawbacks of the NHS.. everything takes a long time, from initial appointments to getting results. if we do decide to try carrying on living together, i am sure i will have to be back and figure out what he can and cant come in contact with... thank you all once again for the replies, encouragement and experiences you have shared with me.
  2. i guess you are right... at the moment i just dont think i can do it... or change the kids and my lives to that extent it just sounds way too scary and complicated... and i seem to have reached my post limits so if i dont answer you, im not being rude i just have to do it tomorrow.. thank you to all of you who replied. .. if any of you know of a forum where it is actually the "carers" who hang out, rather than the "sufferers" i would be interested in that too..
  3. the thing that is freaking me out totally is the fact that it doesnt stop at the food... it goes on into everyday life, such as a harmless kiss goodbye, the kids leaving crumbs somewhere.. it is apparently not just a case of keeping a section of the kitchen for him, with his own, personal utensils/pans/pots/toaster/mwave and small fridge etc. (yes, i read the list ) what happens when the dog bounces and licks his face? what happens if the kids accidentally touch his cupboard and then dont tell anyone.. it is going to be hard going to drive these changes into autistic teens brains. DS1 will be easier as he is a stickler for rules, but ds2 is just a bundle of energy who genuinely forgets. my anxiety levels with this whole cross contamination level is going through the roof. we are also in the uk, so gluten-free stuff isnt as widely available.. i bought a 400g loaf of bread for my husband which cost £2.95 i then had to go and buy the cheapest 50p loaf for the kids and myself... thank you for the recipes and the links, i guess im just tired and overwhelmed... and yes, there are other issues in this marriage and i guess if all were well, i would have a different outlook or try harder
  4. thank you for your reply.. i guess i should have mentioned that they are not his biological kids so no worries there.. and although i know that a lot of people swear by the diets for autistic children, it it not something i prescribe to. We saw a dietician with both the boys as they are naturally fussy eaters, unfortunately, the only foods ds2 will eat are a certain breakfast cereal, pizza and bread... thats a whole different struggle to be having though. im already cooking three separate dinners at night, so adding yet another in a sterile kitchen is just getting too much.. my husband has had his bloodwork and endoscopy, they are now "only" following up with a colonoscopy to rule out crohn's...
  5. i am going to sound shallow and horrible.. and i guess i will have to put my hands up to both those things, i am hoping that maybe some other "spouse of" can put this into perspective for me... My husband is currently undergoing testing for specifically celiacs or crohn's disease.. in the past he has drunk A LOT (to the point where it could be classed as alcoholism).. since testing started, he has stopped drinking. He shows most of the symptoms.. i have been reading for the last week and it is all overwhelming me. I dont think he realises the extent this whole thing will take.. I am terrified of how to cope with "a celiac".. i cannot afford to put our entire family on gluten free foods, we have 2 autisitc teenage boys who eat like horses and a daughter.. we have very limited resources and i was sick to my stomach today when i bought some speciality foods for my husband. He has been doing better since cutting out gluten, so to me that is another indicator that he in fact does have celiac as supposed to crohn's. I cannot afford to buy all the special foods for him on a regular basis, my money just wont stretch that far. i have deep cleaned and sterilized a cupboard for him and am trying to buy him cheap utensils etc... but even with a big sign on the cupboard, saying do not touch, the boys were attracted to that like bees to honey and i had to start all over. i just dont know how to manage to keep our stuff separate.. at first i thought, well ill just cook separate meals for him, but it seems way more complicated than that... i LOVE baking, i guess that will have to stop.. i already miss being able to just be spontaneous and giving him a kiss on my way out the door and the thought of having to decontaminate myself before we could do the whole married couple thing turns me right off that thought... i cant see us ever being able to lead a normal life and i cannot get my head around that .. i know a lot of people here will flame me and come up with the "you want to split up over FOOD" line, but really it is so much more than just food.. the food i could cope with, but having to worry about having sat on crumbs or touched something.. right now the only way i can see to keep him healthy is for him to move out.. money is scarce, so i cannot afford to keep him in all those special gluten free foods, i cannot afford to just go and buy him a new toaster and a separate fridge.. and how can you have a family life when one member is segregated totally and cant even eat with the rest of us?? it just all seems very hopeless at the moment...