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  1. I Don't Know Where To Start!

    All of my husbands tests came back negative. It is not H. Pylori, it is not Celiac. It is not Crohn's or Colitis or cancer. The doctor also said that he didn't appear to have Ulcer Disease. She was baffled. So we are back to square one. She said that she had no explaination for his stomach ulcers. His toxin screening was clean. The only thing that we know is that going gluten free seems to have really helped him. Even though the doctor said that his villi are normal. She recommended some over the counter drugs to help heal the ulcers. Has this happened to anyone else? We are staying gluten free for the time being. But it sucks not knowing anything.
  2. I Don't Know Where To Start!

    He hasn't been given anything to treat them with as of yet. They have no idea what is wrong with him. We have another appointment at the end of the month and I plan on asking her how to heal them. Thank you for the information on bacteria. I will make sure and discuss it with the doctor.
  3. I Don't Know Where To Start!

    Thank you for the food ideas. We have an appointment with the doc to hear the results of the last round of testing. I will make sure and ask exactly what they tested for in the biopsies. I just want to make sure that we are feeding him foods that won't cause more damage in the mean time. Thank you again! I will continue to post and read this forum as we get more information. So far it has been really helpful.
  4. My husband has had stomach problems since he was a child. When he was six they ran several tests on him and they were indeterminate. They left him with “you might have Crohn’s disease.” There wasn’t much done for him after that. He was told to avoid dairy and alcohol and that there was nothing more they could do for him. Well, he did this for his entire life, but still suffered from crippling stomach pain, diarrhea and a general feeling of blah . Once he entered his late twenties/early thirties his pain and diarrhea became so severe that we decided to take him in to see a gastroenterologist once again. Over the last few months she has ran several tests on him. Taken biopsies of his stomach and intestines and given him CT scans. His stomach is so full of ulcers that she said she couldn’t believe he was walking around like this. The biopsies they did were for serious issues such as cancer and were all negative. The CT came back “normal” and she told him that it wasn’t Crohn’s and that she was going to refer him to an allergy specialist. In the mean time we have avoided gluten and it has seemed to really help. We are still not sure what the problem is but I want to make sure that it doesn’t get any worse. I don’t know what to feed him that will help his body heal the ulcers in his stomach and I am afraid to test foods like dairy that we have avoided previously. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am afraid for my husband’s health and he has had enough doctor tests and visits to last him a lifetime.